If you’re into Italian cuisine and love arabesque décor, La Piazza is the perfect place to savour delicious food in a traditional setting. FACT’s Sofia Graniello went along to see what makes this venue special…

Located in Al Bidda Boutique Hotel, Souq Waqif, La Piazza is an affordable restaurant serving up some seriously good food. The venue takes pride in delivering fresh ingredients and homemade dishes to your table.

With magnificent Arabian interiors including a stained-glass atrium in the courtyard and a fabulous central water feature, there’s a luxurious vibe and elegant atmosphere. We had no doubts that this restaurant was going to give us some yummy dishes to try. The restaurant has not only one chef, but two! Oscar Bagattini, Italian chef is the master in the kitchen, whilst Tunisian chef Fitouri Ramzi is the pizza maestro! Both chefs work handin-hand to deliver tantalising and pizza and pasta dishes to name but a few of the menu options.

La Piazza opened its doors after renovation in September 2014 and with a new look came a new menu. Now for those of you working foodies that are tight on time (or budget), the restaurant will be introducing a Business Lunch Menu this month at an unbeatable rate, yet to be revealed. The lunch will include a mix of pizza, pasta, and meat and seafood dishes served up through starter, main course, pizza, and dessert.

So, my Doha peeps, stay tuned for this upcoming menu. Fact recommends as a starter the Fresh Mixed Salad with Bresaola, an exquisite pairing of green leaves and beef; the perfect dish to start a proper Italian journey-cuisine. However, if you’re a seafood fanatic, go for the Seafood Salad. A delicious mixture of octopus, cherry tomatoes, prawns, mozzarella, avocado and more – so yummy! For a proper main course, go for the Roasted Lamb Loin, delicious meat with potato pie and pink pepper sauce – truly a meat-lovers feast.

If pizza is your kryptonite, La Piazza has 14 mighty pizzas to choose from! Go for the Pepperoni, Margherita, Pizza Chicken, or the Four Seasons to get a real taste of the restaurant’s foodie offerings. Last, but not least, we highly recommend the Chocolate Lava Cake. The perfect dolce to end your Italian adventure at La Piazza, it’s, literally, heaven on a plate.

Not only is the food at La Piazza scrumptious, the service is beyond friendly, the waiters are charismatic and will do everything they can to understand and meet every diner’s foodie needs. Visit today and enjoy La Piazza’s amazing food and relaxing atmosphere for yourself.

GO: La Piazza is open Sunday to Saturday, 7am to 11:30am for breakfast; and 11:30am to 11pm for lunch and dinner. Call 4433 6666 for reservations and more information.