Tired of cleaning after your furry friend? Try this ingenious device for a worry and mess-free experience.

Smarty Pear’s new self-cleaning Leo’s Loo Too device boasts the latest technology for efficient cat litter disposal. Flaunting a motto of ‘A Giant Step Forward for Catkind’, the device includes the newest of features for the ultimate worry-free and mess-free experience. Offering cat owners the relief of the most dreadful part of having a cat, the device offers the latest technological version of the cat litter box. The self-cleaning gadget includes Google and Alexa voice controls and a mobile Smart Home connected app that allow you to remotely monitor and control your Loo from anywhere in the world. You can access and adjust settings and view activity reports anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The triple-layer safety protection for the cat includes a state-ofthe-art Radar system that forms a protective wall, four weight sensors that detect when the kitty is inside the drum, and an aerospace-grade Anti-Pinch Sensor at the top of the waste drawer to keep the kitty safe.

The device also has UV light to kill off those pesky bacteria. After your cat exits the Loo, the machine projects UV rays into the waste drawer to thoroughly sterilize. The UV rays are 99.9% effective at eliminating bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

It also has a large waste drawer with a lid and a smoother sliding system and eliminates odour. The sleek design ensures that it blends well with your home and has a whisper-quiet motor with noise levels that are lower than the most common home appliances. The device comes in a range of colours including grey, green, pink and blue. ✤