Melissa Nazareth found an exciting but refined-dining experience when she headed to brunch at Legendz SteakHouse, InterContinental Regency Bahrain.

We were excited to try this brunch with its early, 11am, start and emphasis on great breakfast dishes as well as the many classic staples. And we found a friendly, warm atmosphere with upbeat vibes and good music as we were welcomed to Legendz SteakHouse. Safe to say there’s an air of exclusivity mixed with a feeling of fun, reminiscent of the brunches of old.

Located at Bab Al Bahrain, an iconic island landmark, the restaurant put on a lavish spread with the highest quality ingredients and almost everything prepared fresh to-order rather than pre-cooked. We discovered a wide range of breakfast items, including eggs cooked to our desire – we went for the delicious Eggs Benedict – croissants, freshly-made coffee and more, much more; the Cold Buffet, featuring a live ceviche bar, a sushi bar, salads, a charcuterie bar, a gravlax or cured salmon bar – be still my beating heart – a cold seafood bar and more; the Hot Buffet, featuring a variety of hot dishes, from lasagna to herb-crusted hammour, a carving station with expertly cooked roasts, a taco bar, pasta and more; a BBQ and Live Grill station, featuring premium cuts and fresh catch from the sea all cooked to our liking; and, of course, dessert.

We sipped on a colourful, fruity welcome drink while contemplating where to begin; a selection of mocktails and artisan brunch beverages are available. Eventually, we decided – breakfast it is! It’s worth mentioning that Legendz takes the word ‘brunch’ seriously because they focus equally on breakfast and lunch items and are the only spot to start serving early at 11am, so you really are in the mood for some classic morning bites.

Our culinary adventure began with Eggs Benedict, which were made to order. The hollandaise sauce was savoury and tasted cheesy, complementing the rich, runny yolk. Texture wise, it worked fantastically with the toasty English muffin. I particularly loved the sausages, which were tasty and salty. The grilled tomatoes dusted with herbs offered a freshness to our comforting, greasy – in a good way – mains. It was fun to try the variety of cheeses and breads, including a wide range of pastries, as well as pancakes and waffles. We even had our own breadbasket at our table with croissants, muffins and other such. The truffle honey yoghurt was intriguing and I quite enjoyed the subtle truffle aftertaste. Full points for creativity, Legendz SteakHouse!

Next, we headed over to the sushi and sashimi bar and there was quite some variety to explore. In my experience, sushi at buffets tends to be dry but not at Legendz. The rice was well seasoned, tangy with the vinegar and the fish was fresh. The colours at this counter could have put a rainbow to shame – a testament to meticulous presentation.

After this, we tried the beetroot gravlax, which is cured for 24 hours. The vibrant coral of the salmon had taken on the ruby red of the beetroot, making it visually appetising. The fish was salty like the sea, elevated by the tartness of the capers and punctuated by hints of sweetness from the beets.

By this time, we had worked up quite an appetite. In perfect timing, our server presented beef short ribs that had been slow cooked for 28 hours and glazed with a sweet barbecue sauce. As he lifted the dome, the smoke dissipated to reveal the beast and also rendered an intense flavour to the meat, which was falling off the bone. The sweetness of the sauce complemented the secret spice mix that infused the meat thoroughly.

I’m a fan of a good Sunday roast, or Friday in our part of the world. Sat on the carving station, the meat looked juicy. I asked for a slice, which was drizzled with a flavourful Béarnaise sauce and pan jus and served alongside Yorkshire pudding and roasted root veg. Succulent, oozing bloody juices, the meat was cooked perfectly as were the pudding and vegetables – crispy on the outside, and spongy and soft, respectively, on the inside.

We were getting fuller by the second. However, the brunch runs from 11am to 4pm, which gave us a lot of time. We sat for a while, digesting, sipping on brunchy classics and enjoying music from the DJ. Dimly-lit, the restaurant has an ideally-sized seating area and offers an almost private dining experience.

Once we felt our stomachs ease a bit, we made our way to the meat counter, which featured multinational cuts – South African tenderloin, New Zealand flank steak and filet mignon, US sirloin, Australian cube role, Middle Eastern specialities such as black lemon-marinated beef skewers… Accompanying these were locally caught sea bass, sea bream and the biggest shrimp I’ve ever seen alongside succulent salmon. We asked the chef to surprise us and were served a perfectly cooked ribeye, which we relished but not before trying out the wide range of hot dishes, starting with a cream of mushroom soup. I was impressed by how something as simple as mushrooms could be transformed into something so flavourful – safe to say, Legendz only uses premium ingredients.

The dessert station, like the others, spoiled us for choice – cakes, Key Lime Pie, Lavender Brulee, Coffee Tiramisu… I went in for a chocolate mousse, immaculately presented in a verrine or glass, topped with a crumble for texture and tangy mixed berries that cut the richness of the airy mousse.

If you’re looking for a quality yet affordable brunch, Legendz is the place to be. ✤