Luxurious Escape at Dessange

A woman’s secret to relaxing and rejuvenation is a blissful day at the spa, with total relaxation for the mind, body and soul. Pallavi Ramesh heads to Dessange in Adliya for a pamper session… Also, a big shout-out to men; this escapade is an amazing gift for your lady on Valentine’s Day!

Nuzzled in the busy area of Adliya, Dessange caters to women with the need for relaxation. It’s spa treatments are extremely effective and appealing for busy bodies who need to slow down a little, de-stress, and rejuvenate. There’s also a fabulous salon that can cater for your beauty needs, head-to-toe. The package especially designed for me to try, combined the best of both these worlds with Hydro-therapy, Moroccan Bath, Manicure, Pedicure and Blow Dry. Without wasting any time, I headed to the locker room to secure my belongings and get spa-ready for my treatments.

Hydro Therapy – Detox Ocean Bath (30 minutes)

This 30-minute bliss begins with water jets shooting along for an underwater massage – great for pain relief. Absolutely therapeutic – the temperature and pressure stimulates blood circulation (you will be thirsty, so fill up on water beforehand or down a few glasses afterwards to re-hydrate). This treatment is the perfect start to a spa retreat, as it relives you from stress and puts you in relaxation mode for an enjoyable spa experience.

Moroccan Bath – Scrub only (30 minutes)

First time for me, so the thrill of coming clean (pun intended) made me happy! Moroccan bath is a fantastic way to exfoliate even the driest dullest skin using an exclusive range of Moroccan oils, herbs, and black soap. This is a luxury you cannot afford to go without! Begins with exfoliation after which were few minutes in the steam room, for the pores to open up. Now comes the scrub-a-dub-dub! The attendant put on her Kassa glove (you can bring your own) and sloughed of dead cells by scrubbing the whole body, to reveal baby soft new skin. You feel the difference that very minute! After a quick shower I was off to beautify myself.

Manicure and Pedicure (30 minutes)

Hands and feet are ignored and overused parts of the body (at least by me). They need to be pampered and taken care off, so what better than the gift of manicure and pedicure to them! Sipping a freshly made pineapple juice, I enjoyed this session (thank you team Dessange). The therapists began with filing, shaping and clipping my nails. Soaked my hands in water for a few minutes and sorted out my cuticles leaving my nails smooth and shiny. Then came moisturisation, and prepping for nail polish. After swooping the base coat, they gently applied my choice of black polish and voila! Beautiful nails once again!

Hair wash and Blow Dry (30 minutes)

After the Moroccan bath, my hair was damp and needed a hair wash. After a soothing hair wash, the stylist was up to give me a darn good look, for which I was excited. “You’re hair needs volume” she said! She applied hair mousse for volume and styled my hair beautifully. I loved it, and wished it could be the same always. The entire session at Dessange was an amazing experience. It’s affordable and the perfect escape from busy Bahrain life. I highly recommend each and every woman to head to Dessange and enjoy this pamper session for yourself.

GO: Dessange is located in Adliya, call 1771 3999 for bookings and more information.