The food scenery in the Holy Month of Ramadan has had a major makeover this year, just like everything else. FACT’s Layal Al Mahmoud shares how you can indulge in deluxe deliciousness in the comfort of your home with a very special spread from The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa…

Like all life routines that have been affected significantly with lockdown procedures and quarantine restrictions, extravagant Iftar buffets exist in Ramadan 2020 only in our happiest memories. But five-star hotels have not surrendered. Instead, they have stepped up to the plate and creatively designed Iftar menus to be delivered straight to your door in a timely manner for you to lay out on the dining table.

My family and I were lucky to have been chosen to experience a luxurious Iftar home delivery from the generous team over at The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa. Around 15 minutes before Iftar, the bell rang and I jumped up with excitement. I opened the door and was at an immediate awe just from the size of the three huge bags bearing the logo of The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa.

I welcomed it all in with a big smile decorating my face and started counting the minutes to the call for Maghreb prayer, which is when those who observe Ramadan are able to break their daily fast.

I have a large eight-seat dining table in my house, when I was done placing all the carefully-packed, microwave-safe, takeaway containers, the table was almost full… it was indeed an open buffet at home!

The theme is Persian; a big plate of the famous three colour rice with an equally large plate of mixed grill including Persian chicken, kabab, chicken and lamb tikka, and lamb chops, stares up at us all. Lamb ouzi, sayadiyah with special sauce, and a couple of original Persian dishes like gormeh sabzi, and three kinds of salads including everybody’s favourite fattoush with separate fried bread squares to top it off as well as a trio of hummous flavours, traditional thareed, harees and madroobah, stuffed vine leaves, and, of course, sambusa, cheese fatayer and kibbeh – all make up a heavenly spread of food that we cannot wait to tuck into.

Two different kinds of bread were also included, nice and warm. And in Ramadan, sweets are a must. The Gulf Hotel’s famous Um Ali was also the must have traditional sweet dish of the evening. In addition, we enjoyed an amazing lotus kunafa, luqaimat, muhallabiyah, a portion of cake, and a colourful plate of fresh fruits. Everything from the starters to the mains and the lush sweet treats was incredible.

Cooked perfectly and mouth-watering to taste, we couldn’t have asked for a better Iftar feast if we tried. And, it’s a day off from cooking, so what’s not to like?

They say it is enough for two people, but I say confidently that it is enough for more. There are three Iftar set menus available; Bahraini, Lebanese and Persian, Each set menu is for two people, all priced at BD18++. There is also an extensive a la carte menu for those who would like to pick and choose their favourites! Orders should be placed two hours in advance.

The conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, is that from Iftar time to 11pm, nothing can stand in the way of your gastronomical wishes this Ramadan. The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa will be at your service during the Holy Month and beyond. Call now and book your luxury Iftar spread today! ✤