At Fact We Cannot Resist Good Food, So, When The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Announced The Launch Of Their New La Plage Takeaway Menu, We Didn’t Wait To Make A Phone Call. Fact’s Elanur Sengel Takes A Bite. Or Two. Or Three…

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” – Paul Prudhomme

You also don’t need to let yourself stop eating from your favourite restaurants due to the current lockdown.

This being said, we are driving to the The RitzCarlton, Bahrain to pick up the order we placed from the newly launched La Plage takeaway menu. Setting the table back home, after picking up our delicious order, we are ready to dine. From the crisp spears of lettuce and crumbles of rich feta cheese that sit next to the perfect sweet red cherry tomatoes of our Greek salad, to a sinful pizza, to SO much more, we are looking only at seriously good food. So, where to begin? Where to stop? We don’t know. But because sushi is always a good idea, we are starting our treat with the freshest crispy hammour rolls in front of us. Our tongue unites with melt-inyour-mouth tender rolls that are so creamy and flavoursome — it’s safe to say that our food cravings just got fulfilled. But, that’s not where we stop our treat.

We are passing up the sushi in favour of trying the sinful Pizza Diavola that we were just mentioning above. One bite, and — wow. That’s really all we can say about this pizza. Okay, we can (and will) say a lot more about it than that, but “wow” seems like the most pertinent descriptor, for we can’t remember the last time we were so blown away by a simple pizza. Chewy and crisp dough meets gooey melted cheese, juicy mushrooms, and tender chorizo— everything about this Pizza Diavola is just right.

Next up, we enjoy wonderfully smooth and creamy guacamole with classy tortilla chips. The tangy lime flavour partners up with the subtle herby taste, enlivening the flavour of this amazing dip. The Chicken shawarma also hits our taste buds just right, but it’s the Chicken Nasi Goreng that has us in awe: The spices are that kind of top-notch mix that make us feel like we are having this dish in Indonesia itself. We barely manage to stop ourselves from overeating this delicious dish, but we have to, for there is also our sweet ending waiting for us — Cheesecake.

He-llo you! Did anyone ever tell you what perfection you are? Light, yet rich, sweet yet not too much. You are that kind of cheesecake that we cannot have enough of. The perfect sweet ending…On the whole, we are in love with The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain’s new La Plage takeaway menu. And if you also can’t resist good food, don’t hesitate to do an order! ✤