Tashkeel is currently hosting the first solo exhibition by its Founder and Director,
Lateefa Bint Maktoum. The exhibition, entitled New Chapter” expresses the journey
of the artist into motherhood, marking a transition in the use of digital photography
and editing to represent var ying emotional and psychological stages.

New Chapter, represents a marked transition in the use of digital media to express the journey of motherhood in its varying stages in minute detail, from the conception to birth, including the psychological and emotional effects on the artist throughout the different stages of pregnancy and motherhood. On display is photographic works that represent a truly new chapter in the creative process of the Emirati artist Lateefa Bint Maktoum. In her latest artworks there is a noticeable shift from post-photography montage to digital photography, meticulously constructing the scene before taking the shot, resulting in digital works that capture the changes of daily life through staging including the artists’ personal symbolism.

“I had a need to produce these photographic works that transcribed the different stages and emotions I went through as I transitioned into motherhood,” Lateefa explains. “I feel that visitors of the exhibition will be able to relate to the works as they may discover emotions they themselves have been through, or one day will go through. “This body of work is a means to capture both the fleeting moments and the lingering emotions of daily life that tell a lot about a family’s development as well as the memories we cherish,” she adds. Lateefa Bint Maktoum is an established visual artist exploring the creative possibilities of digital montage, and her artwork is included in private collections nationally and internationally.

She has contributed to several international exhibitions worldwide, including in Venice Washington, New York, Paris, Denver, Shanghai and Seoul, in addition to local exhibitions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In 2008 Lateefa bint Maktoum established Tashkeel to support the UAE’s creative community. Today the contemporary art organisation is committed to facilitating art and design practice, creative experimentation and cross-cultural dialogue. Tashkeel has become a haven for artistic development supporting local artists through studio facilities, artists’ residencies, international fellowships, and a programme of exhibitions, events and professional as well as recreational activities.

GO: New Chapter is on display until February 23 at Tashkeel in the UAE. Visit for more information.