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Scents, skincare, grooming musthaves – check.

Brow Setter and Primer Gel

Flormar’s new and top-quality brow setter and primer gel is the ultimate eyebrow accessory to get your brows looking their best. The product can be used on its own as an eyebrow fixer or alongside your other eyebrow products. It dries quite quickly and is suitable for all skin tones. With this product, you can be confident that your eyebrows will stay beautiful and in shape all day long.

Iris Malika

Campaigned with the slogan of ‘An Ode to Sensuality’, Chopard’s new fragrance exudes luxury and feminine finesse as it blends traditional French and Arabic scents to create a unique fragrance. Named Iris Malika, with Malika meaning queen in Arabic, the perfume is the first of a new collection dubbed Chopard Imperiale, with the iris flower as the main ingredient, inspiring the bright purple hue of the bottle. The fragrance also includes wild berries, jasmine and ylang ylang, and warm earthy and woody scents brought on by sandalwood, benzoin, the tonka bean, as well as patchouli, cinnamon and cardamom.

Body Massage Brush

Lateral Bio’s Body Massage Brush is a natural beauty accessory used to exfoliate the skin through dry brushing (without water). The technique leads to a revival of blood and lymphatic circulation, tones the skin and refreshes the complexion. The brushes are made from sisal fibre and are ethically sourced from the agave sisal tree that is native to Mexico. To see an improvement, lightly scrub any part of your body without water in the morning for five to 10 minutes using gentle circular motions.

Skin 101 kit

Olivianna’s Skin 101 kit is the perfect go-to summer pack with everything you could need to make sure you get that summer glow. The kit features a host of fruity products, including Strawberry Seed Oil Moisturizer, Pineapple Milky Cleaner and a T-Zone Stick to guarantee your skin is hydrated from morning to night.

Nude Intensa Collection

Valentino Beauty’s new Nude Intensa collection is a must-have for all nude lipstick fans, with five different nude matte shades included, all refillable and interchangeable. Shades include living nude, blushing nude, nightfall nude, falling for nude, and deep nude, each designed to cater to specific moods.

Confident Oud Eau de Parfum

The latest addition to the luxury BOSS The Collection fragrance line-up is Confident Oud, made with the finest touch of class. Oud is a popular fragrance in the Middle East and can be seen as the definition of sophistication and a symbol of distinctiveness. Combined with other aromatic and spicy ingredients, this scent serves as the ultimate companion for elegant outings.

Sun Healing Kit

Ignae’s Skin Healing Kit is designed for skin regeneration after sun exposure. The kit includes a Daily Enzyme Cleanser and a Blue Light Serum. The cleanser includes Ignae’s EPC Factor and three naturally derived alpha hydroxy acids that nurture and moisturise the skin. The product also helps lightly exfoliate and prepare skin for the serum, which restores lost vitality due to blue light exposure from laptops and other devices as well as the sun. The kit also offers cell protection against pollutants, such as UVA, UVB and IR-A radiation, as well as the heat.

Nashi Argan Dry Oil

With the summer heat here to stay into September, Nashi Argan’s Dry Oil is a good product to make sure your skin stays hydrated and moisturised. Designed to put simplicity, care and professional results first, the product guarantees deep non-greasy hydration to the skin and helps fight stretch marks as well as toning. The velvety, smooth texture of the oil makes it easy to apply and massage into the skin, and it also dries rapidly, so you don’t have to be worried about feeling oily or about staining your clothes.

The Ensemble Box

AKT has introduced its new Ensemble Box comprising of three different deodorant balms, as well as two devices called The Applicator and The Assistant. The balms harbour a unique formula of active botanicals and a Deo Barrier Complex that keeps you feeling confident all day long with just one application. The balm is absorbed into the skin immediately and moisturises it with shea butter and calendula oil. The vegan, cruelty-free, aluminiumfree and plastic-free product can be used anywhere on the skin, including the chest, forehead and feet. The package is perfect for carry-on travel and one tube lasts for two months, so you can be sure you won’t run out.

Refining Powder Facial Mask

Refresh and invigorate your skin with this powder facial mask from Haeckels to make sure you feel fresh and ready for the day. The product is an all-natural clarifying and rejuvenating powder with zeolite included in the formula to extract impurities, as well as vigorous seaweed powder to rejuvenate the skin.