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Scents, skincare, grooming musthaves – check.

Beverly Hills Polo
BH Polo Club Prestige ‘Challenge’

In this creation by Beverly Hills Polo, an abundance of roses rounds out the citrus, fresh tones with its sensuality, before enveloping the violet blossoms in softness. In time for the new season, the Beverly Hills Polo Prestige collection features a fresh and shiny fragrance bringing sophistication to a floral bouquet blended with a touch of gourmand accords. BH Polo Club Prestige ‘Challenge’ represents a core quality of glamour and zest for a woman who is bold and likes to leave her presence.

Nioxin Hair Regrowth Kit

Dealing with hair loss is never easy and can be overwhelming at times. It’s quit a general misconception that you cannot do anything about it. Nioxin’s hair regrowth kit is meant to be a starter pack. Along with 30-day regimen of Minoxidil treatment, it comes with a shampoo and conditioner formulated to strengthen the hair and balance the scalp for optimal growth conditions. Nioxin Hair Regrowth Kits, are clinically proven to help regrow hair with the use of Minoxidil. Effectively showing results in three months it treats female baldness, including receding hairlines and thinning on the crown.

Charlotte Tilbury
CT Supernudes Nudegasm Bronze, Sculpt & Glow Face Palette

Inspired by legendary ’90s supermodels such as Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Kate Moss, Charlotte Tilbury’s new Super Nudes Nudegasm Palette is a full makeup look in one, without the hassle of carrying multi products. Complete with four complexion-enhancing shades for every skin tone, it provides everything you need to bronze, sculpt, and highlight your way to a runway-worthy look. Use the Super Glow shade to brighten and illuminate; Multi Glow to bring youthful colour to your eyes and cheeks; Soft Sculpt to sculpt and blur imperfections with a matte finish, and Super Sculpt to create luminous-looking definition. Voila!

Miracle Clear

Rael’s brand-new Miracle Clear line is a three-step system that aims to target and prevent breakouts by supporting the skin barrier. This daily cleansing product rapidly dissolves all traces of long-wear formulas and water-resistant sunscreens while gently removing excess oils and impurities. It’s PEG-free, rinses clean, and leaves skin soft and hydrated, never greasy. With the power to gently exfoliate, reduce oil, and reinforce your skin’s barrier, these acnefighting superheroes work together to wash away impurities with a rich lather, shrink pores in an instant, and shield against future breakouts without stripping your skin

Joanna Vargas
All Aglow Holiday Set

If you’re trying to finish off this year with a luxurious skin care treat, this Joanna Vargas holiday set is perfect. It comes with three full-size products of her best-selling products: Vitamin C Face Wash, Glow to Go Mask Set, and Rejuvenating Serum. Vitamin C-infused face wash gently cleanses and purifies skin for a smooth and luminous complexion whilst the rejuvenating serum is absorbing and deeply hydrating without suffocating your pores. The mask set contains five of the best-selling bamboo sheet masks that each cater to a variety of skincare concerns, hydrating skin, targeting the visible signs of ageing and promoting even skin tone and texture.

Repairing Night Cream

If you want to keep yourself waking up brighteyed and clear-skinned, you need the extra push from Geologie’s Repairing Night Cream to work on your mug while you slumber. The rejuvenator for normal skin. Reparing Night Cream repairs your skin while you sleep with carefully calibrated measures of retinol — the single most powerful, proven, and effective ingredient in the battle against visible ageing, recurring breakouts or a night out on the town. This night cream is offered in retinol options including .05%, .2% and .3%. It’s built to control acne, control oil and diminish blemishes all while your head is on your favourite pillow.

The Body Oil

Nécessaire treats the rest of your body with care just like the skin on your face. Body Oil is a nutrient-rich treatment oil that is organic and cold pressed with no additives that revives the parched skin without leaving you feeling greasy. The Body Oil can be used daily. Apply all over body or to areas where extra nourishment is needed. Massage until absorbed. Recommended regimen order: Step I. Exfoliate Step II. Cleanse Step III. Treat Step IV. Moisturize.

Beverly Hills Polo
BH Polo Club Prestige ‘Tour’

For the autumn, Beverly Hills Polo ‘Prestige’ collection features an addictive warm scent for him. A bold leathery fragrance with top notes of addictive zest lemon, fusing bergamot and cardamom and end notes of sandalwood, vanilla and incense – a crisp and warm delight for the senses makes you feel energised and confident. The scent literally takes you on a masculine tour of boldness and strength.

All Body Wash

Cool texture infused with an amazing masculine scent, lather up and love thyself with Fur’s Body Wash. This daily pH-balanced restorative oil wash cleanses all bodies, all over for hydrated, softer skin. With balancing and cleansing ingredients, it’s gentle enough for use on sensitive areas, but effective from head to toe. As you lather, the oil transforms into a velvety soft, milky wash. Incorporate into your normal shower routine for a deep cleanse that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

Dr. Jart.+
Ceramidin Body Lotion

Ceramidin Cream from Dr. Jart+ is a cult favourite facial moisturizer, and the Korean company was able to transfer that magic to the rest of your dermis with its Ceramidin Body Lotion. It’s thick and intensely hydrating, but soaks in quickly enough that you won’t have to kill time before getting into bed or pulling on your shirt. After a shower or a bath, apply a generous amount of nourishing lotion to the skin and massage in gently in circular motions. The lotion is powered by 5-Cera Complex to deliver deep moisture that restores and repairs dry skin.