A classic cassette tape experience with a few current touches for lovers of retro models.

Vintage music collectors, rejoice! The CP-81 from Retrospekt is a brand-new portable cassette player which offers users a classic cassette tape experience.

Retrospekt is a workshop and product design studio that is dedicated to the restoration and curation of retro technology such as vintage polaroid cameras, portable cassette players and more.

With the company’s mission aligned with saving and restoring vintage devices, but with required replacement parts no longer being readily available to meet the growing demand for classic cassette players, the Retrospekt team developed this device for people interested in getting into music on cassette at a more affordable price compared to some vintage players.

The CP-81 comes with a minimalistic design aesthetic highlighted by a clear, plastic body and brings all the core cassette player functions beloved by those who remember.

The device also boasts something far less common on most vintage models: a mono line-in record capability which allows users to record directly from any audio source with the help of an AUX cable. Users can add in a blank tape and, using their smartphone, in an instant turn into the master of the lo-fi mixtape.

The portable cassette player comes packaged with Retrospekt’s exclusive Koss headphones that feature an adjustable, stainlesssteel headband and orange foam cushions, again reminiscent of classic models. ✤