By Travis Scott

The much-awaited album of American rapper and musician, Travis Scott, who has been teasing fans about this release, via Cactus Jack Records, since 2020, Utopia is a rap fest and much more. With a lineup of ace artists from James Blake to Daft Punk’s Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo.

Opener Hyaena sets the mood and has a catchy jingly background beat, against which the listener is introduced to a whirlwind of emotions.

Meltdown, featuring Drake, conjures an intense, trance-like vibe that keeps you hooked.

Bad Bunny’s addictive signature Latin influences reign on K-pop. Telekineses, featuring SZA and Future, has softer edges, so to speak, offering aural variety, of which this album has heaps and loads. Closing track Til Further Notice, featuring 21 Savage and James Blake, explores love and heartbreak in a medley of the former’s rhythmic poetry and the latter’s sweet and mild lyric baritone vocals.

Some might argue that Scott doesn’t stand out when compared to the artists he has tapped for this LP and that his rap isn’t anything to write home about. However, you’ve got to give the Houston-born artist credit for bringing the best on one platform, which makes Utopia a must-listen.


By Post Malone

American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, Austin Richard Post has released his fifth and namesake album via Mercury and Republic Records. The lyrics suggest biographical undertones, hence Austin, which add to the feel of this pop-rock creation.

Opener Don’t Understand begins with a guitar set that endorses Posty’s affinity to the instrument.

Green Thumb, also guitar-centric, summons bittersweet emotions and the abrupt ending fits the emotional context of the track.

Chemical, the first single, was dropped earlier this year and creates an instant chemical reaction in your head. With fastpaced drum beats and stringsy tunes to match Malone’s variegated vocals.

Second single, Mourning has club song-like beats on which Malone explores bottledup emotions in an engaging, raspy tone. Overdrive features a catchy whistling set that’s sure to be on the lips of listeners for a while after they’re done with the album.

Something Real, with its chorus in the background, has an interactive element, which creates a rock concert-like feel. A personal love album, Austin, in true Malone style, offers musical variety. The artist exhibits a range, dipping into his pop arsenal, endorsing his versatility – a quality he has become known for in his over-a-decade-long musical journey.