By Helado Negro

Phasor is the eighth studio album by the notably innovative Helado Negro (Roberto Carlos Lange). The third release since his inimitably astonishing 2019 project, This Is How You Smile, do yourself a favour and give it a spin.

Phasor was recorded in Asheville, North Carolina, shortly after Helado’s move there. Deeply inspired by the Smoky Mountains and his renewed connection to nature, he manages to capture the breathtaking sights and sounds observed on long hikes and transfer those experiences into a highly imaginative soundscape for us to wander in.

On the opener, LFO (Lupe Finds Oliveros), the dreamy electronics spiritedly move alongside the galloping beat. I Just Want To Wake Up With You and Best For You And Me expresses the simplest and sweetest emotions over a cascade of breezy synths and catchy rhythms.

The tranquil atmosphere on Echo Tricks Me and Out There is only further elevated with his soothing vocals.

Embellished with tambourine shakes, 808-clicks (drum beats) and pleasing chords, Wish You Could Be Here beckons you to dance.

Helado manages to, once again, capture the complexities of human emotions and uniquely express them on Phasor.


What Now
By Brittany Howard

What Now is the second solo album from the former Alabama Shakes singer-songwriter, Brittany Howard.

She reunites with Shawn Everett, who first collaborated with her as an engineer on Alabama Shakes’ Sound & Color, to help co-produce here. What Now is an absolute treat, with Brittany unleashing her impressively complex vocal harmonies, combined with her standout instrumentation choices over 12 songs that are jazzy, upbeat and oh so funky!

“Out there, there’s a love waiting for me” sings Howard on the first track Earth Sign. The follow up I Don’t, sees her smoothly step into groovy Motown territory.

While the richness of rhythm and funk on the title track What Now is mesmerising. The jazz drumming on Red Flags starts off slow, then crescendos with Brittany’s vocals shimmering over everything.

To Be Still let’s everyone take a breather for a moment, then slowly breaks into a tight breakbeat, with vocals following. The next track Another Day brings the funk and franticness back in a big way.

Brittany belts the catchy refrain on house music inspired Prove It To You, which is sure to leave you tapping your feet and, like most of this sensational album, have you wishing you were on a dancefloor.