Entering Heaven Alive
By Jack White

Released through Third Man Records, Entering Heaven Alive is American super star Jack White’s fifth studio album. It has an easy-going vibe, gentle and more acoustic. A contrast to Fear Of The Dawn that preceded it, which was primarily electric, more metallic. This one’s something you’d get if you were not to over-engineer. The album underscores White’s talent for roots-rock.
I’ve Got You Surrounded (With My Love) has distinct jazz elements executed by pianist Quincy McCrary, which transform this centrepiece into a mini masterpiece. There are moments when the album exudes an early ‘70s energy. All Along The Way, which is one of a handful of numbers in which White is his own DIY one-man band, evokes a Paul McCartney feel as does the more surreal, guitar-less A Tree On Fire From Within in which White essentially plays lead bass through the whole tune. Olivia Jean, his newly wed wife and singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist joins him on the former.
Love is a recurring theme throughout with tracks such as Queen Of The Bees or even Love Is Selfish, which deals with introspection. In If I Die Tomorrow, White muses on his early death. The album has a confessional rock feel with themes such as forgiveness as in Help Me Along. Or Please God, Don’t Tell Anyone, which is a plea to the deity for wrongs done in the past.


Emotional Creature
By Beach Bunny

In October last year, Beach Bunny dropped the single Oxygen, followed by Fire Escape in March this year. It’s been a bit of a wait but Emotional Creature, the American rock band’s second album for Mom + Pop Music is worth it. Covering the full spectrum of emotions experienced in high school love stories, this sophomore album by Lili Trifilio and crew strikes a chord with most if not all.
In the opener Entropy Trifilio wishes she didn’t have to hide a secret relationship. “Yeah, somebody’s gonna figure us out And I hope they do ’cause I’m falling for you, whoa.” The album ends with the downtempo rock cut Love Song in which she is finally self-assured about her partner for what feels like the first time. While Karaoke captures the intoxicating beginnings of a new relationship, Weeds underscores a newfound emotional maturity in the way Trifilio realises how she deserves to be treated. All highlighting self-growth as both a person and songwriter.
Whether one sees these puppy love anthems, so to speak, as borderline cringe or not, you can’t deny that everyone’s been there at some point. With lyrics that hit the nail on the head or, might we say, heart, and punchy, guitar-powered pop-rock music to complement, this album is one to watch out for.