Aside from dining there’s lots more to enjoy across the island this Bahrain National Day. Where will you celebrate?

Aldana Amphitheatre
Catch a galaxy of Arabic stars performing at the stunning, outdoor venue, Aldana Amphitheatre, on December 15 in celebration of Bahrain National Day.
Mutref Al Mutref is a Kuwaiti singer who is described as one of the country’s upcoming young stars. In 2013, he won first place for singing at the GCC Music Festival. In 2014, he signed with Rotana Records and released his first studio album Monhak Gharam. And 2018 saw the release of Fagdek, which is a collaboration with various poets. He has performed in the UAE and the United States and is known for his electrifying stage presence.
Also appearing will be Kuwait crooner Nabeel Shuail. Nicknamed the Gulf Nightingale, Nabeel rose to fame in the 1980s with the song and album Sikat Safar under DanDoon Music Production Company. Known for his ability to use multiple vocal layers while singing, he is the first Gulf musician to experiment using various Arabic dialects such as Egyptian, Moroccan and Lebanese. And he was a pioneer in promoting Khaleeji music outside the GCC across the Arab world.
Completing the lineup is Abdallah Al Rowaished, the third Kuwaiti on the list, he has released more than 30 albums since the start of his career in the early 1980s. He also recorded the theme song for the TV drama series Oyoun Alya. Tickets for the event start at BD20.

Heritage Village Askar
There will be a series of cultural events showcasing the history and traditions of the Kingdom, running from December 9 to 19 at the Heritage Village Askar, organised by the Ministry of Information Affairs.
Live the traditional atmosphere of and learn about crafts, see musical shows and visit traditional displays and marketplaces.
Full details to be announced.

Arad Fort
Muharraq Governorate will host a series of special activities in celebration of Bahrain National Day.
Expect performances such as the Bahrain Police Music Band, the Bahraini Ardha, and the Emirati Yowlah Band, in addition to a wonderful artistic performance by students. The event, which takes place on December 10, from 3pm to 10pm, will also feature productive families, handicrafts, competitions, and prizes for all attendees.
Full details to be announced.

Bahrain International Circuit
Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority is planning a very special event running throughout the festive season from December 14 to January 18, 2023. There will be more than 45 live performances, an outdoor ice rink, daily live shows and more. Open from 4pm to 11pm on weekdays and 4pm to 12am on weekends. ✤

Make sure to take a drive round as National Day approaches to spot spectacular light displays all over the country. And stay tuned for information on National Day fireworks shows.