Paws And Play

Celebrate your furry friends and experience the best of pet-friendly activities at the Pets Festival this month.

Calling all animal lovers! Get ready for a tail-wagging good time at the Pets Festival, from June 6 to 8. Hosted at the Pet Park in Janabiya, this delightful event will run from 5pm to 10pm each evening. Whether you have a furry friend or not, all are invited to enjoy a variety of activities and entertainment.

The festival kicks off with an exciting lineup of dog shows: small breeds will be featured on June 6 and larger ones on June 7, while June 8 will be reserved for cats and other pets, including birds. Visitors will have a chance to explore various stalls offering pet food, accessories and toys and leave with treats and treasures for their beloved companions.

Spanning 2,000sq/m, the park boasts amenities such as a dip pool, swimming pool and water fountain, providing a perfect setting for pets to frolic, socialise and strut their stuff. The event promises an engaging experience with pet grooming services, activities and the much-anticipated ‘Pet of the Night’ competition. For a lasting memory, visitors can even create personalised mementos, such as name and print mugs. There will also be opportunities to support pet adoption initiatives for those who want to open their hearts and provide a forever home for the deserving animals.

Admission to the event is BD1 per person with an additional fee of BD2 for each pet. While entry to the park is open to all, registration is required only for those participating in the shows. Remember, all pets must be fully vaccinated and friendly, with any aggressive behaviour requiring them to be leashed.

So, mark your calendars and unleash the fun at this month’s Pets Festival. ✤