Lawson Misquitta visited Pickl, the UAE-born restaurant well known for their burgers among other scrumptious items.

A burger makes a fair case for being the ideal snack or meal. Why can it exist as both of those things at the same time? Simply put, a burger can be modest and straightforward or as fancy and decadent as you like. Having a keen understanding of this school of thought is Pickl whose principle is ‘Simple. Not Basic’.

Having started from humble beginnings in 2019 as a stand-alone spot in Dubai, Pickl has since successfully expanded to several locations across the UAE.

Offering a unique, fast-casual burger experience, the restaurant chain recently opened its doors to guests in Bahrain. On a busy Wednesday afternoon, my colleague and I finally decided to check out for ourselves what the buzz is all about.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Seef District right next to Al Aali Mall. It’s hard to miss due to Pickl’s vibrant brand colours – a hot neon pink, a cool teal and a snappy white.

On entering, it immediately felt quite spacious due to the design choice of floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides that allow abundant natural light to flood the area. It is framed with grey industrial-style walls and very high ceilings acting as the ideal backdrop for the signature colour scheme that’s present across the interior. There was plenty of seating inside and a nice outdoor section.

We took our seats and were soon greeted by a server who told us about the restaurant and gave us a quick breakdown of the menu. We learned that all the team members are referred to as ‘Legends’ as they contribute towards offering customers a legendary experience.

While waiting for the food to arrive, our eyes were drawn towards the massive open kitchen. There’s something reassuring about a restaurant that is confident enough to have one. At the same time, it’s quite an entertaining sight.

It was no longer than 10 minutes before we were served our initial order. First to arrive at our table was the Double Cheeseburger and the Chicken Sando. A few bites in and we were finally in the know over what the fuss is all about. The cheeseburger comprised two chuck patties prepared in a smash style, which had perfectly seared crusts while still maintaining juicy centres. They came sandwiched between soft potato buns with Pickl’s special secret sauce. We also opted for shredded lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and American cheese to bring it all together. It was messy in a good way and delicious!

The chicken sando at Pickl is not a typical one to say the least. First off, the piece of fried chicken was huge; the potato buns could barely contain it. It was crunchy, well-seasoned and tender on the inside and topped with their tasty Comeback sauce, cheese and dill pickles. Then, things took an interesting twist; Pickl serve their chicken in a range of spice options – Plain, Medium-ish, Feel the Heat, Nashville and Reaper. Not ones to shy away from some spice, my colleague and I chose Nashville.

On the first bite, we could immediately taste and feel the heat of the special rub, which then built up a bit before eventually rounding out and settling in with the rest of the ingredients. This made for a delectable spicy bite, which both of us enjoyed!

The burgers were accompanied with a side of crisp and seasoned Sando Fries and a plate of large freshly fried chicken tenders dusted with more of the same spicy rub. Next, we tried the plant-based Impossible Burger. The double patties were prepared similarly to a regular smash burger and had that customary charred crust but with a familiar yet different texture and flavour overall. We had it in the Bespoke by Pickl style, which came with mustard, white onions and dill pickles, served in a potato bun. A fine option for vegetarians or anyone looking to try a meat alternative.

We rounded off the meal with an Ice-cream Sando for dessert. A tasty, deep-fried cinnamon sugar bun served with a hearty scoop of ice-cream. There’s a selection of flavours. We went with vanilla and it was the perfect match, so we highly recommend it!

Pickl truly lives up to its principle of ‘Simple. Not Basic’ and we certainly look forward to returning soon. ✤