Never again be worried about losing your wallet with Chipolo’s new CARD Spot.

Chipolo’s brand-new CARD Spot easily fits into your wallet without adding any extra bulk and helps you find it through the Apple Find My network.

The device is as thin as it gets, with a width of just 2.4mm. If you think your missing wallet is nearby, you can choose to play a sound through the app and the device will play a loud sound, up to 105 dB, back. Additionally, you can activate Lost Mode on the app to receive a notification when it’s found and it will even help when you accidentally leave it behind somewhere by giving you the last known location of the card. You can activate this with the Notify When Left Behind mode and you can exclude times when you have left it at home. If your wallet goes missing, the hundreds of Apple devices that are part of the Find My network will help you locate it on a map.

Apple Find My network is made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that use secure Bluetooth technology to detect items nearby and report their approximate location back to their owner. The entire process is end-to-end encrypted and anonymous as the Apple Find My network uses advanced encryption to ensure that no one else, not even Apple or Chipolo, can view the location of your Chipolo CARD Spot. And if someone tries to track you with a Chipolo CARD Spot, the built-in anti-stalking features will warn you of their attempt.

The device is water-resistant with a rating of IPX5 and lasts up to two years, at which point you can send it back to Chipolo to recycle for a 50% discount on a new device. ✤