Colin Sattar, GM Porsche Centre Bahrain (PCB), talks favourites and achievements.

You have been with Porsche Centre Bahrain for more than seven years now and are a Porsche Approved General Manager. What exactly does this approval mean and how did you attain it?
The Management Assessment Centre (MAC) is designed to evaluate and assess a suitable candidate for any key managerial position across all the Porsche Centres. They also provide each individual with a personal development plan. That in itself is a great accomplishment for which I am grateful.

What would you say have been your greatest challenges in this position?
Apart from adjusting and getting used to the culture which Bahrain allows you to be a part of, it is a wonderful place for expat work and life. My experiences gained from the number of PLC companies I worked for back in the UK enabled me to bring some of their best practices to Porsche Centre Bahrain (PCB).

And also, the achievements you are most proud of?
I’ve always maintained and ensured that PCB achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction. Most of our customers know that they can always drop in for a coffee and feel like a part of the Porsche family. In addition, seeing your team develop, grow and, in some instances, go on to different careers with other manufacturers within the GCC is a great accomplishment.

When people think of sports cars, Porsche is probably one of the first names that springs to mind. What do you think makes the brand so special yet, at the same time, so accessible?
The heritage, the design, the highest quality and the outstanding performance across all the model range. A Porsche is almost certainly going to be a great financial investment.

A hard question in your position, but if you had to choose your favourite Porsche to own and drive, which would it be and why?
Without a doubt, it is the 911 Turbo; it’s my dream sports car and everything about it is truly amazing.

What’s your favourite place to drive in Bahrain?
Driving down to Zallaq and the surrounding area – such a great drive in an open top 911.

You have almost 35 years of experience in the automotive industry, much of it in the premium sector. If you hadn’t chosen this career, is there anything else you would have liked to pursue?
I’m an avid sports fan – I wish I had paid more attention at school instead of looking out of the window at the sports playing field! If I hadn’t had such a bad knee injury from playing football when I was 15, I would have hopefully been a professional footballer or cricketer. ✤