We all love nice surprises, right? It’s time to spoil your loved one but, truly, flowers and chocolates for the ladies and after shave for the guys are a bit passé. We’ve come up with some novel gift ideas sure to bring a smile to the face of both long-term partners and new love interests.

You’re My Star

If you want to make a lasting impression, why not name a star after the object of your affections. That way, whenever they gaze at the heavens, they’ll be reminded of you. The Online Star Registry allows you to do just that and there’s even an app where you can see your star as well as the option for a customised certificate.
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Heavenly Meetings

Sticking with the star theme, what better way to commemorate your fateful first meeting than with an astronomically certified map of the heavens showing the position of the stars on your special day – you can even order it in a heart shape. Can’t remember when and were you met? Then use the details of another significant time in your relationship.
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Sock It To ‘Em

There’s nothing worse than cold feet. Make sure they’ll always think of you with warmth by gifting them socks bearing your very own lovely face – but that doesn’t mean you should let them walk all over you! There are loads online but we particularly like the colour of these.
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Getting Serious

If you want to show you care but just not too much, keep things light-hearted with this rather cool spoon. If in doubt, you can always say it was just a joke!
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Power of Positivity

Sometimes our loved ones just need to know that we have faith in them, after all, love’s supposed to be about supporting each other when the chips are down. Get the message across with the Positive Potato – we absolutely adore this funny little guy, so if anyone’s looking for a gift idea for us, he’d be very welcome in the FACT office.
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