Fusing a creative, culinary-forward attitude with the best of International Cuisine, LINKS situated on the mezzanine floor of the Club House at Royal Golf Club, Bahrain has evolved to recently launch a new, modern menu of food with flair. FACT’s Jayne Green indulges…


Foodies, get ready to be spoiled with tantalising cuisine trends and fierce new flavours from LINKS with the launch of its new menu. Showcasing over 20 new additions, LINKS promises to delight you with mouth-watering bowls, succulent grills, and delicious dishes that all come premixed with LINKS’ unforgettable vibe. With the cosmopolitan and urban visual direction that is already present, it only makes sense that LINKS gave its menu a beautiful face lift too. The food innovation that has been developed is like no other, showcasing classics with a twist of style that only LINKS can accomplish.

The menu also embraces the South African palate with exciting new additions of a sometimes surprising nature, such as South African Malva Pudding and… wait for it… Cheesy Garlic Snails from their Lounge Menu – I’ll let that one sink in for a minute – but, honestly, these little fellas are incredibly moreish and an absolute musttry! The culinary journey doesn’t end there and lovers of sumptuous cuts of meat are not forgotten as the menu maintains its renowned carnivorous stance with the most delectable of marinades that are succulently rubbed such as, Sirloin, Tenderloin and a selection of ribs, not forgetting the all too popular certified Angus Beef T-Bone that has already taken international markets by storm.

Inspired by Executive Chef Paul Gindra’s travels across Shanghai and Beijing, comes the Ramen section of the menu, complete with an unparallelled infusion of ingredients are the tender Hoisin Glazed Tofu and Crispy Roast Duck selection – which luckily all come with a handy bib! Flavourful ‘Power Bowls’ have also been introduced which are all the rage in major foodie capitals across the world – yay! With a number of interpretations that have become a staple, continuing trend and remain as the perfect social food for the dedicated foodie, it is no surprise that LINKS have given the public what they want.

Bahraini elements are apparent across the menu such as Lamb Shank Ouzi and Grilled Hammour which are inspired by Middle Eastern aromas and spices. Speaking of seafood, the Rose Harissa Grilled Octopus with celeriac and bean puree, peppered wild spinach and  polenta fries was a personal favourite of mine and cooked to absolute perfection, as expected. Overall, the new menu is host to an array of dishes that you can share (if you’re feeling generous), dedicated to good times, and delectable cuisine incorporating only the finest and freshest ingredients. Among its infamous features: new entrées; enticing plates, refreshed ingredients outside the usual standard and a chic menu design, all showcasing a new take on spirited dining.

While the menu continues to feature many of LINKS’ time-honoured favourites, its ample new additions bring an imaginative twist to classics, focusing on fresh, chef-inspired ingredients. Low-calorie and vegetarian items are abundant (you don’t HAVE to choose that salad or vegetable lasagne after all), and guests can sit comfortably knowing that that their cuisine of choice is widely available – even if you’re partaking in the likes of ‘Keto’ or ‘Paleo’ there is something tasty and suitable for everyone. LINKS’ innovative drinks menu presents a superb offering of whites, reds and bubblies; inspired fused drinks and also refreshing spirit-free drinks too! While enjoying the delights of the new menu, you can continue to enjoy the electric vibe, no matter the occasion, whether business lunches, after-work sundowners with friends, the new menu has something for everyone.