The much-loved annual Sound + Fiction Festival is back for its third year with live performances and much more.

The music initiative, the brainchild of Museland Records founder Ali Al Saeed, continues to push musical boundaries in Bahrain and the region and is packed with another stellar lineup and exciting programming. Sound + Fiction – supported by the U.S. Embassy in Bahrain – will be held between November 24 and December 4 and consist of a series of live performances, concerts, workshops, panel discussions, talks, and other community-focused activities. The initiative, conceived and developed by Ali Al Saeed, is aimed to push the musical boundaries of both artists and audiences alike, with its unique approach to music. This year the programme will lean even more towards experimentation, live electronic music and the exploration of sounds.

Al Saeed, the founder of the music platform Museland Records as well as Bahrain’s sole independent record store Tasjeelat, explained that the purpose of Sound + Fiction has been evolving with each edition.

“It’s not music for the sake of entertainment, it goes beyond that. This is about creating a scene, a movement and a grassroots community that is not constrained by what’s popular or commercial. It is for audiences and artists who genuinely appreciate music.”

The event is aimed at revitalising the local independent music scene after a tumultuous two years due to the pandemic. This, according to Al Saeed, is an opportunity to remind both artists and audiences of the importance of sustaining an engaged music community.

“There’s no need to remain static or return to our old ways of doing music,” he added. “Sound + Fiction has always been about moving forward, pushing our ideas of music and sound, and creating a more challenging perspective of it.

The full lineup and programme will be announced very soon. All events will be open to the public and free to enter.

To learn more about the programming and latest updates, visit or follow @muselandrec on Instagram. ✤