Hydrate, Volumise, Quench: The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai
Holistic yet technical, Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai is undeniably a coveted beauty hotspot in Dubai, and for good reason! Fact’s Jayne Houghton visits for the 24k gold 111Skin Meso Hydration Facial.

When it comes to overhauling your skincare regime, you’ll find yourself sauntering through their doors, especially since their therapists can whip your face into shape with their honed massage techniques or take you on a skin journey complete with peels, massages and transformative technology. 

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai is an oasis that forces you to have some ‘me’ (or ‘we) time, this is something that I wouldn’t usually allow on account of my busy lifestyle – but routines are there to be broken, right!? With my hectic schedule forever resting on my shoulders, I’ve felt that my skin has been in a desperate need of a boost – now, more than ever. As of late, I’ve felt that I have become more aware of the products I use as a health and environmentally conscious individual, especially when it comes to enjoying beauty treatments so I was delighted to book in some pampering for the other half and I that ticked all these corporate social responsibility boxes.  

On arrival, I was met with a plethora of encompassing interconnected buildings woven together with pathways featuring modernities that meld clean, contemporary design with local tradition and materials. The stylish Spa is filled with light and surrounded by exotic fixtures that draw the eye at every turn. Experienced therapists guided us through the beautifully designed hydrotherapy circuit at the Spa; an aromatic steam room, invigorating jacuzzi with water jets, heated marble loungers and of course, their vast indoor pool. All of which allows you to enhance your overall experience prior to your treatment; therefore, we would highly recommend that you arrive early and visit the Spa’s oasis of heat and water. 

As with any treatment, the beauty therapists asked us both to fill out a consultation form as they continued to discuss any stress points my other half would like to focus on during his Oriental Essence massage. The traditional stress-holding areas of the back, neck and shoulders are tackled with custom-blended oriental oils and movements inspired by traditional oriental therapies. There’s no denying that this tension-busting massage treats the whole body as this was evident as I heard subtle snoring over the course of the next hour, which was later noted due it being acclaimed as ‘undoubtedly the best massage’ of his life. Positive acclaim such as this is abundantly clear, as every facet of the Spa complements the talented expertise showcased.

In my case, the current condition of my skin was my focus. I know that I’ve got dull and dehydrated skin, so I highlighted that I wanted a treatment which is more calming and hydrating. My therapist recommended that I try their 111Skin Meso Hydration Facial, which is created to address all skin types that require hydrating, volumizing and brightening. The fact that this uses 24k gold to provide a dewy glow and youthful plump to the skin further concreted this decision. Ideal for frequent fliers, party goers and severely dehydrated skin, this facial replenishes the complexion with water, moisture and luminosity – all of which I craved in abundance. More than a short-term solution, this particular treatment works to stimulate your own collagen production for longer-lasting plumpness – and the results are indeed visible. While there’s a facial menu to choose from, there’s no one-size-fits-all here, so you’re guaranteed the best in bespoke care every visit. 

The treatment’s products contain plant-based, food-grade ingredients and essential oils which means no chemicals or synthetics. Since they are infused with concentrated botanical essences, they have the aroma to heal, and the constitution to nourish, disinfect and clean. Rest assured this facial incorporates the best of detoxifying ingredients using a multitude of skin-boosting properties. This combination of herbal infusions, elixirs and plant waters nourishes your complexion and leaves you looking and feeling rested.  

My first step into the world of nature was when my skin was initially pampered with their cleanser, which cleanses and exfoliates in a non-abrasive manner. This combination of ingredients actually retains moisture to battle signs of dryness, with the added bonus of its antibacterial properties to assist with any battle of blemishes – my recent anxiety-induced breakout on my chin was in dire need of such assistance! To further soothe and refresh my skin, a toner was then applied before the exfoliator was unleashed to tackle dead skin cells. The combination of ingredients enhances circulation and cleanses pores whilst gently exfoliating to allow for the ultimate glow-up… Again, let me mention the 24k gold that was painted over my face for that coveted regality and glow.

My T-zone succumbed to further rhythmic massage under the watchful eye of my therapist as my pores opened up, ready to relinquish the build-up of clogged pores. The toner was once again applied to sanitize the skin and tighten the pores prior to the face mask. To make my skin supple, further lotions and potions were applied and my sensitive skin was drinking in all the advantageous properties with its concoction of amino acids and enzymes. There is no added water or alcohol, and the 100% active ingredients are absorbed into the skin easily, resulting in a dewy, hydrated complexion. This, combined with their massage techniques, released the tension on the face and my stresses were definitely alleviated. 

These strictly chemical-free treatments honour all your senses with real ingredients, just like the food we eat. Nothing is processed, and since my senses are awoken with the heavenly smell of each of the products, you cannot help but fall into a pamper induced coma. These nutrients are jam-packed with a wide array of vitamins, and nourishing botanical acids to brighten, and smooth the skin whilst also delivering a quite frankly unparalleled intensifying and hydrating treatment.

Ladies (and gents!), you’ve now found your best friend for all things holistic at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai. You’re welcome.

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