Students Mark National Day

Youngsters at St Christopher’s School put on patriotic performances in honour of Bahrain’s National Day.

Honoured dignitaries, guests, parents and students enjoyed a festive performance which featured presentations on elements of Bahrain’s national heritage including  pearl diving, a Holy Quran reading (katateeb), folk games, historic dances and a traditional sword dance (Ardha).

Senior School students engaged in learning about aspects of Bahraini culture, were led in a traditional Bahraini dance, tried Arabic calligraphy and enjoyed traditional coffee and dates. 

A school spokesperson said: “We would like to take this opportunity to  thank all the parents and families who supported this magnificent event at both campuses, the teachers who organised the show and the souqs and all the participating students. 

Wishing the leadership and people of Bahrain a very Happy National Bahrain Day.”