Our resident South American amateur chef, Badir, sails on another culinary journey this month, putting his cooking skills to the test in one more professional kitchen. His latest foodie endeavor took badir to New York Steakhouse in Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha.Over to you Badir…

I trailed off to Marriott Marquis City Center Doha for this month’s fun-filled culinary day. This time, New York Steakhouse was my choice. If you haven’t heard of this fabulous venue, then listen up! It’s one of our favourite steakhouses in Doha and offers up excellent food in an intimate setting. Take it from me; they know how to make an awesome steak. Chef de Cuisine, David Dahlhaus shared with me a few tips and tricks whilst we prepared some delectable dishes from the restaurant’s upcoming menu.


We started off with the Half Roasted Corn Fed Chicken, with green beans, fondant potato and chicken jus (QR150). A dish the chef says is “a very comfortable one.” We started off with the chicken, which was marinated for over 24 hours. We fried the chicken first and later placed it in the oven for around 10 minutes – this gives the yummiest results! David lets me take charge as I add some onions and healthy green beans to the frying pan, and we let them turn a nice cooked colour and texture. We also add potato into the mix and some butter – an ingredient that Chef David loves to cook with. When it’s all ready, we add some parsley as garnish.

Next, we begin to prep the exquisite Mixed Grill. The dish is made up of the famously tender junee lamb rack, ratatouille, 100g Australian Black Angus fillet, fried quail egg, quail breast, mash potato and some apple (QR245). I started with the meal’s quail breast, placing it to fry in olive oil and butter. “We do this to give it a nice buttery flavour,” Chef David says. As if the entire experience wasn’t cool enough, we proceeded to give the quail breast a crispy bite by torching it a little – beautiful! Moving on to prep the lamb; it was sprinkled with salt and pepper and pan-fried. Tabasco, herbs and a few other condiments were added, all for a flavourful mix. Together, all the different components of the Mixed Grill are a delightful, and very innovative, feast.


Our third dish was by far one of the most interesting plates of food that I’ve ever cooked on Cucina de Badir – the Fillet Tasting Trio. This is made up of a meaty piece each of 100g Argentinian beef, 100g Australian Black Angus and 100g Prime USA (QR275) – all in one go. An easy dish to prep; all you need, along with the prized, quality beef, is red onions, vinegar, tomatoes, crisp potato chips and glazed shallot. For all my epicurean friends out there, this dish will certainly please all the real meat-lovers out there.

New York Steakhouse is definitely stepping up its foodie game to a completely new height of culinary surprises and clever, tasty dishes. Chef David Dahlhaus and his team will surely have something exciting for you to try on the new menu, along with all the usual favourites! Good food is what this place is all about and we’d highly recommend you savour the sizzling tastes of this steakhouse asap! That’s it folks, hasta luego en la próxima Cucina De Badir.

GO: Visit New York Steakhouse at Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha. Call 4419 5000 for reservations and more information