Straight Hair With Air

Dyson introduces a new way to straighten hair without hot plates and heat damage.

Dyson, a leading technology company with a penchant for designing innovative household appliances, has launched its latest notable contraption in the hair care category with the Dyson Airstrait straightener.

The Airstrait manages to achieve wet to dry hair straightening by just using air and not relying on hot plates like conventional devices do. The gadget is specially equipped with precise directional airflow that produces the optimum level of heat to simultaneously dry and straighten wet hair.

It lets users quickly achieve a natural straight style with a smooth and shiny finish, while markedly minimising damage caused by heat, that ultimately results in less breakage and preserves hair strength.

The device has been specifically engineered for use with multiple hair types and its stylers can achieve a natural straight style with reduced frizz and flyaways, for a smooth and shiny finish with natural volume.

There are Wet and Dry styling modes, that are pre-set with the specific heat and airflow combination for the best results. There is also a Cool mode to set the style.

In line with the brand’s other hair care products, the Dyson Airstrait straightener features intelligent heat control systems that measure the temperature of the airflow 16 times per second to prevent extreme heat damage and protect hair’s natural shine. It also has a special microprocessor that regulates the device’s heating element and ensures the airflow doesn’t exceed the required temperature. ✤