Nuanced Emotions

Architect, painter and sculptor, Sudeep Deshpande, will have his solo exhibition, Resonance Unlayered, at Bahrain Financial Harbour.

A collection of artworks exploring emotions and its many layers, the display will be open for public viewing from November 3 to 23. Sudeep, whose work is primarily abstract in nature, says that his creations are an interpretation of his world. Resonance Unlayered draws from his personal experiences, with focus on the women figures in his life.  

“This year has been very special,” he says, “as I’ve completed 20 years as an artist and designer.” The exhibition is a way to mark this milestone and includes creations from 2015 till date. He adds that his artistic journey has been a continuous and consistent process of finding the right medium to express his thoughts and emotions, be it canvas, sculpture or poetry. Resonance Unlayered is titled so because it captures Sudeep’s resonance with these thoughts and emotions. “When you look back in time, you can see their layers, their growth,” he shares. Through this composition, he unfolds them, giving life to them on canvas.

Sudeep tell us that most of the artworks in this display revolve around his perception of feminine strength, grace and self-esteem. Together, his favourite composition, showcases seven female facial forms holding each other. He explains, “Some of them are reclining on someone’s shoulder, or holding hands or just being close and supporting each other.” Sudeep also points out that each of these figures wears different earrings, which depict their personality and sense of self-esteem. A large part of the collection, including Together, is purely monochrome – black and white – which is symbolic of the ‘grey times’ women go through but also gracefully overcome with their immense strength.

Speaking about his artistic process, Sudeep says, “Like people, relationships have their own personality, geometry, lines and shadows. With this belief and approach, I like to explore relationships and human emotions on canvas. I usually work with acrylics and charcoal. They give me the freedom to express what I feel like.”

Looking back at his journey, Sudeep shares that he comes from a family of artists. “My father is a sculptor and painter and my mother is a musician. When art comes with upbringing it becomes a way of life. So, it is with me. A beautiful blend of music, poetry and visual arts is what I think happened to me.” Sudeep’s father, who’s was featured in the Guinness World Records, from 1989 to 2000, for the tallest and heaviest metal sculpture, is his greatest inspiration especially when it comes to art and poetry. “I was blessed to be born in a family of artists,” he says. Through Resonance Unlayered, he continues the legacy, offering a fitting tribute to his artistic roots and art in general.

GO: The exhibition will be on display on the ground floor of Harbour Gate at Bahrain Financial Harbour.