Eve Motion is a cool new accessory for anyone looking for a more comfortable and secure lifestyle.

Eve has just released its new Eve Motion Wireless Motion Sensor for users to enjoy a more synchronised home system. Use movement to control individual lights, media centres, appliances and entire rooms. You can also turn any other networked device on and off automatically, individually or all at once.

When you are out, you will receive notifications as soon as movement is detected in the house, and you get to decide when you receive them, whether that is anytime or only when no one is home.

Users can combine several HomeKit devices into one scene. This way, as soon as you enter your bedroom, a ‘goodnight’ scene turns off all the lights in the house, turns on your bedside-table lamp, and draws your curtains so you can have a worry-free sleep. You can similarly activate other scenes by setting specific rules to automate certain devices according to your preferences. For instance, when you arrive home in the evening, you can set the device to automatically activate the ‘I’m home’ scene in the living room which would turn on the networked mood lights. You can also have them turn off automatically by setting the duration of detected motion so the lights don’t stay on long after you have left.

When used with HomePod mini or the latest Apple TV 4K, the device also supports Thread, an IP-based mesh network programmed to safely connect several products around your home. Due to the IPX3 water resistance feature, Eve Motion can be fitted both indoors and out. The device has a 120-degree field of view with 9m of range and works wirelessly so you can place it anywhere you like, whether on the wall or on your console. ✤