Tea Garden at Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa

Light, airy and tastefully decorated in pastel colours, Tea Garden is the epitome of elegant dining. This classy café offers a connoisseur’s collection of cakes, pastries and macaroons. Complimented by an array of irresistible teas and coffees, ice cream, gourmet sweets and chocolates, the restaurant stands amongst Bahrain’s finest for afternoon treats, quiet lunches and even private business meetings. Tea is a celebrated beverage here!

The High Tea offers a fabulous selection of freshly brewed loose-leaf teas and other hot beverages. Alongside this, there’s an assortment of sandwiches, smoked salmon on pumpernickel bread, egg and bacon and alfalfa, curried chicken, and grilled vegetables. The dessert specialties include Devonshire clotted cream and homemade marmalades and jam with scones, and assorted pastries. The great thing about this High Tea is the format. Everything comes displayed on a tiered tray so you can work your way up or just pick a food item at random – there are no rules! This is exactly why it’s the perfect choice of foodie outing for both single ladies with their girlfriends or couples who want a fun, casual sharing experience.

The food is delicious and plenty for two people; we go for a Strong Breakfast tea which is packed with flavour – it’s a blend of Ceylon, Darjeeling and Assam teas. If you love a good cuppa then this will definitely make you smile! We also tried something unique on the menu; the Oolong Jujube, also called the ‘Chinese date.’ Jujube highlights the Oolong tea with natural hints of fruit and its delicate aroma of dried and lightly caramelised apple. It has a long–lasting taste of orchid, wood and dried apricot. The High Tea at Tea Garden is an ideal choice for a laidback afternoon out. The food and drink is indulgent and delicious – so, what more could you ask for?

The High Tea is priced at BD12.5++. Call 1711 1999 for more information