Zahra Ebrahim
Marketing Executive, The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa

What do you most love about marketing, specifically in hospitality?
Marketing is a language that translates our ideas to people. Remember, the best marketing is not the same as [just] marketing. Create content, inspire, be conscious, make people think and make people understand. In light of the market conditions and many competitors, the goal is no longer only to serve the guests, but to make them happy, make them remember and it is necessary to build a strong relationship with guests and gain their trust – trust keeps them. What makes working in hospitality different is that it’s the best way to find yourself, helping people and making every moment matter by giving attention to all the details and creating memorable moments. It’s all about the experience. Something has to happen, either good or bad, hospitality is about taking care. When service is the product, which is true of the hospitality industry, this becomes even more important.

What’s a major accomplishment you’re most proud of, business-wise, in your current role?
What makes me feel most proud is that I started working 13 years ago. My dream was to reach a position that makes me feel I have provided something for the Kingdom of Bahrain and society. It was never easy to prove my presence and leave a mark, but it was worth it. I started my career as a customer service agent. It made me want to give more and more, to collect ideas to create an unforgettable experience for the customer. The smile did not leave me when I heard the praise and the extent of customer satisfaction. It led me to love marketing and discover my skills. The challenge, however, was to develop myself and gain experience. Today, I am proud in this position and I hope that I may even be a source of inspiration for someone. And I say, nothing is impossible and the greater the giving, the greater the appreciation and building of trust. There is no limit for imagination and creativity. Set your goals and focus on them and success will be your ally.

We know you’re a foodie! So, what’s your favourite dish or beverage across The Diplomat’s dining outlets?
This is the delicious part of my job and it is difficult to choose between a wide variety of Asian food and authentic Italian food from the hands of experts. But it’s always hard for me to resist Lobster Spaghetti at Mondo, Taste of Italy