Enjoy a luxury dining experience from the comfort of your home with the Kingdom’s famous Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & SPA. FACT’s Layal El Mahmoud checks it out for you…

Let’s be honest, in these times of quarantine and lockdown we do not mind working from home wearing our favourite pyjamas, we definitely do not mind spending more time with our families, but we absolutely mind not being able to go wherever we want whenever we want. We definitely miss Thursday nights with friends at any of Bahrain’s finest dining destinations.

One of the many that we personally miss a lot is Sato, the award-winning Japanese restaurant at the Gulf Hotel in Adliyah. Not only because the Japanese cuisine is probably the most difficult cuisines to perform at home, but because we really miss the whole experience, from the salon trip to the annoying high heels to the great atmosphere and noisy laughter. Fortunately, the Gulf Hotel delivers its top-notch dining experience to the home, bringing multiple flavours to the dining table — fresh and delicious.

What do you crave? Their amazing Sushi and Teppanyaki? Or is it the pristine Mexican flavours that come with their immaculate Fajita wraps and Tacos? Maybe your mother-in-law loves the rich Persian cuisine and is asking for Chelo Kebab Sultani and Khoresht Bamieh? The kids crave the noodles, and you fancy Green Curry with Jasmine Rice? The new Gulf Hotel takeaway menu offers all of these dishes and many more from its amazing restaurants: China Garden, Margarita Mexicana, Royal Thai, Takht Jamsheed, and Sato. Freshly prepared delicious food that is quickly delivered with thoughtful packaging that has stickers on individual boxes to differentiate sauces — an immaculate delivery-experience.

We received our delivery exactly on time. Excitedly, we place all the carefully packaged takeaway boxes on the dining table and delicious aromas immediately fill the air. We take a couple of Instagram clicks, but are longing to dig in. The sushi is the freshest, as we’ve come to expect from Sato. The sushi boxes each come with six pieces of sushi, a small chunk of wasabi, and two additional boxes with soy sauce and ginger pickles. Just how it should be.

As for the Chinese dishes, we tried vegetable noodles and sweet and sour chicken with white rice — and we loved it. The Sichuan hamour fillet was just as perfect — tender and juicy. Takht Jamsheed, the mix grill with three coloured rice is always a safe choice too. Ghormeh Sabzi can be a discovery for first timers — a green lamb stew flavored with spinach, parsley, and coriander and when it comes to the Mexican cuisine, we enjoyed the pristine Tex-Mex Specialties with the Fajitas Supreme, char-grilled chicken, beef, and shrimps on a bed of perfectly sautéed bell peppers and onions, along with soft tortillas and all the extras (cheese, sour crème, and salsa) for the perfect wrap.

After months of restaurant-free living and a growing yearning for good food that we do not have to cook, this was a great and luxurious dining experience that we would recommend to everyone. One phone call to the Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention and SPA is all you need to enjoy Bahrain’s most loved flavours any time. Available daily from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, with a minimum order of BD10 net. Plus, the Gulf Hotel Bahrain also partnered up with Careem and Wasel for delivery! ✤

GO: CALL 3644 5585 / 3655 1222 OR 1774 6425/6426 TO ORDER AND FOR MORE INFORMATION.