The perfect Catch
Catch is back at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi.

Located within the premises of Nation Riviera Beach Club, Catch at St. Regis is the newest addition amongst the many award-winning restaurants of The St. Regis Abu Dhabi. 

Introducing an ambience of elegance and sophistication, Catch at St. Regis invites all discerning seafood tastemakers and connoisseurs to embark on contemporary, occidental and oriental cuisine full of flavours and innovative presentations with a highlight on Caviar sturgeons, Oysters, Lobsters, Sushi and Crabs. 

One of the design highlights is the floor to ceiling wine cellar decorating a sidewall and hosting more than 140 bottles, inclusive of some of the best grapes and brands from around the world. A private dining area allows discerning guests to dine in privacy and enjoy the contemporary and sophisticated flavours prepared by the chefs.

Catch at St. Regis is one of the very few restaurants in the capital to use a real charcoal grill, imparting a unique taste and flavour to the food. Enjoy the smokey flavour of your favourite meat, while preserving the tenderness and juices inside, allowing a crispy, crusty and caramelised exterior to satisfy your palate. The chefs will prepare everything to your liking and allow all flavours to be released once served to the table. 

Recently introducing an innovative and seductive brunch, food connoisseurs are welcomed to toast with colourful cocktails and mocktails prior to being seated for a special culinary feast. Guests may select between three different offerings including scallops and crabs, oysters and lobsters or Caviar and Champagne while enjoying live entertainment and special mixed beverage corners. One of the brunch’s highlights is the ‘Signature Catch Fish cocktail’, a beverage especially created for the brunch that includes unique ingredients of tuna sashimi, coconut, grenadine, ginger, pineapple and rum. Concluding the brunch, a sweet surprise of flaming chocolate ice cream is served directly to the table. 

Enter the culinary seduction of Abu Dhabi’s capital city and allow your senses to enjoy the flavors and tastes of special creations.

Scallops and Crabs: An intriguing menu including a variety of dishes around Scallops and Crabs, different methods of cooking and inspired by occidental cuisine.  AED 450 per person inclusive of house beverages

Lobster and Oysters: Elevate your Brunch experience with the innovative dishes of Lobsters and Oysters enhanced with the most creative presentations. Cheers to Brunch Friday feast with a bottle of Prosecco! AED 550 per person inclusive of a bottle of Prosecco, house beverages 

Caviar and Champagne: Experience the finest Brunch offering of Caviar complemented with a bottle of Champagne and Prosecco and indulge into the vast variety of dishes. AED 950 per person inclusive of a bottle of Champagne.

GO: Call (0)2 694 4444 for reservations and more information.