FACT’s Elanur Sengel visits the Phoenix Eatery & Shisha Lounge for a taste of the perfect chill ambiance with delicious food and good quality shisha, available in a myriad of flavours.

Located on the beautiful shores of the Investment Gateway Island in Hidd, Phoenix invites you to a truly unique venue, as the restaurant serves you all the things you love in one place; splendid views of the sea — a sight that comes with scrumptious food, excellent puffs of hookah, amazing cocktails, and an atmosphere made for enjoyment.

Walking into Phoenix, you will immediately catch lovely arabesque feels in a beautiful contemporary setting punctuated with traditional elements. An environment that invites you for complete relaxation, whether after a long day of work or for a cosy weekend hangout. Taking a seat and relishing the marriage of really good shisha with the mesmerising sea view is definitely the right thing to do at Phoenix. But it would be wrong to not try the food at this place as well. For Phoenix’s excellent service continues into the delicious food.

Our first dish of Punjabi Kibbeh is a vibrant fusion of the Middle East and North India with the perfect blend of tandoori chicken, spices and bulgur. The slightly sweeter combination of nuts and spices for this hybrid is super out of the ordinary – in a very good way. The Kibbeh Fromage follows suit, which comes as a cheesy version. Our next dish of Quinoa Salad is a treat for all salad lovers. A heavenly mix of fresh and creamy avocado, pink grapefruit, juicy prawns, cherry tomato mesclun greens, and perfectly cooked quinoa mingled with a pomegranate dressing — have you ever had such a fusion of flavours? We think not. And because a key maxim for the cuisine is always: “you eat with your eyes”, Phoenix serves this refreshing mix of salad just as pretty as it tastes. Our following dish is the pan-fried Salmon Fillet and the salmon is done just right, with a delicious caperberry sauce, fresh dill, creamy yet fluffy mashed potatoes (it’s like a true art form) and grilled courgetti and aubergine. We love this masterpiece more and more with every bite – and you will too.

We also highly recommend the baked Lamb Loin, truly a divine combination of lamb and vegetable elements. It must be the rich lamb, softened over the heat, that makes it taste SO incredible. Whether you’re a lamb lover, not so keen or somewhere in between, it’s worth trying this dish (we promise). If you still have room for dessert, then don’t miss out on Phoenix’s Kunafa with ice cream. The traditional treat comes with filo that is not chewy but absolutely light and crispy, the cheese is literally melt-in-yourmouth soft.

Offering guests a truly multi-sensorial experience, we are genuinely impressed by Phoenix — from the mesmerising sea views to the superb service, and not to forget the numerous big outdoor screens, that ensure a fun evening for sports lovers. The restaurant offers a delicious variety of breakfasts including the Manama Breakfast, the Beirut Breakfast and the Phoenix Royal Breakfast, with tasty options to start your day right. This place really does have it all. Cheers to a food institution in the making! ✤