Pallavi Ramesh chats with artist Jessie Tejada and untangles the artistic beauty of doodling, as he shares his journey of creating hundreds of colourful and whimsical artworks. An arts teacher by profession and a doodler in his spare time, Jessie opens up about his life-long passion…

Being the architect of his own imagination, Jessie has created an arsenal of wonderful characters, thoughts, dreams, landscapes, experiences and imaginary variations, all expressed through his gift of art. Describing his pieces as his visual diary, Jessie tends to sketch random thoughts from his daily life. “My doodles represent my emotions and feelings; rage, grief or happiness, I draw it,” he says. “Depending on my mood, i choose my medium and colours,” shares Jessie. he uses broken crayons, abandoned coloured pencils, old oil pastel or wet paint and colours that represent his emotion, and mixing of colours is what he loves.

Every artist draws inspiration from somewhere or something and so does Jessie, “People, their personalities, and stories, inspire me,” Jessie says. “Sometimes lyrics of a song or certain images i see on the roads clicks a ting in my head, which urges me to draw that very moment,” he reveals. Jessie doodles in his leisure time; while sipping his evening coffee or chatting with a friend. he makes it a point not to mix his passion and his livelihood as an arts teacher.

Jessie works as an arts teacher in a private school. he loves to teach young children and share his knowledge of art, in the hope of inspiring children to pursue arts. But the real question is, how does he balance a teaching job with such a strong passion? “I don’t mix my artsy stuff during my working hours,” Jessie says. “I doodle after work and make it a point to create three doodles a month. inspiration and loads of determination helps me balance it all,” he tells us.

“I have two dreams; opening an art school for young talented artists and underprivileged children, and organising an art exhibition which involves doodlers from around the world, showcasing their artworks.”

Jessie’s love for doodling, intrigued me to find out where it all started from? “I had a group of artist friends, whenever I saw them draw and look  at their final pieces, I was in awe of the randomness and vivid stories the doodles expressed,”Jessie explains. “I decided to do it myself; picked a ball pen and created a random image which expressed happiness; of finding something new,” he recalls. It started that day and has excelled since, as ball pens were replaced with water and poster colours. “Doodling or drawing random things is my personal and visual way to express my feelings” Jessie reveals.

When i asked him about his creative process, he had a very simple answer: “I grab a brush, mount my paper up the wall and start drawing using the mixed colours lying on my palette, and in the course, i change my medium to marker pens or oil pastels.” “I am unstoppable at times, I don’t stop until i am done, and sometimes larger paintings take up to a month,”Jessie says.

Exploring ‘People’ and sketching them on paper is what Jessie loves, I quizzed him about his dream project and his reply was ‘india.’ he explains: “I love the culture, people, life and the ethnicity of India, and sketching it all on paper would be like a dream come true.” Jessie intends to travel to India when he gets the opportunity, and paint his dream.

With artistic talent of such tremendous power, I asked Jessie where he sees himself in the next five years and what his future plans are? he replies: “I have two dreams; opening an art school for young talented artists and underprivileged children, and organising an art exhibition which involves doodlers from around the world, showcasing their artworks.”

Jessie’s art has actually been showcased around the world! “My design was exhibited in Montreal, Canada for an international Medical conference,” he says. “also, my winning artwork from corbie France was used as a design for a postcard to be circulated all around the world in celebration of the World Day for cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development” he adds, proudly.

Like every artist, Jessie has his idols and follows famed artists. “Most of my inspirations are artists, and designers who are lowbrow artists and pop surrealists,” he says. “I love the works of Dex Fernandez, Lynard Paras and Anjo Bolarda from the Philippines. then there’s Yoko D Holbachie from Japan, and Mohammad al Mahdi, Leon, and Ahmed Anan from Bahrain, and many more,” Jessie shares.

Jessie’s advice to the youth and aspiring artists is simple: “have the love, compassion, time, determination and enthusiasm for art,” he says. “Don’t have the competitor streak; draw and paint because you want to and not to compete. and lastly, share your talent and learn from experts, this will make you a successful and grounded artist,” he advises. Some sound advice for budding artists!

Contact Jessie on facebook or check out his art pieces on his Behance account. Jessie does live painting for charity and corporate events, so contact him for any of these on +973 3622 8455 or drop him an email on