Homes r Us has opened its latest store in Sehla, providing customers with a one-stop shopping spot for all their home furnishing needs.

Homes r Us, the region’s home-grown furnishing and décor brand, recently opened its latest store in Sehla, at the heart of the Kingdom’s furniture market. Boasting an inspiring shopping experience and furniture collection, the new store offers customers across the country a one-stop solution for all their home-related needs, with over 8,000 new decorative home accessories and pieces on display.

Spanning more than 5,570sq/m, Homes r Us aims to provide customers with a pleasant, seamless and comfortable shopping experience, offering a curated selection of furniture and home accessories to fit the diverse needs of customers and homeowners.

The new store is set to unveil a special Ramadan collection featuring classic, bold and unconventional designs and furniture pieces, which have been curated to allow customers to redecorate their homes and spaces, including the kitchen, living room and dining halls to celebrate the spirit of the Holy Month.

Home shoppers will also be able to utilise the Home Design services and make their dream home into a reality. With over 25 stores spanning across the Middle East, the store has found a place in the hearts and homes of people in the region. Homes r Us has been transforming homes and households and fulfilling the visions of homemakers since 2003. A complete lifestyle shopping destination, it showcases a wide range of furniture, home décor, furnishings and home accessories. ✤