We all know what they say about idle hands and idle minds… we know how to keep the kids busy.

While some of us are still on vacation, many of us are back and others never left. If you’re Bahrain-bound with youngsters this month, fret not because we’ve scoured the island for summer camps offering fun things to do. Your children can enjoy a wide range of activities. We’ve got the usual arts and crafts, dance and sports; offbeat stuff such as calligraphy workshops and even educational options such as workshops on entrepreneurship, how to start a food cart business and more. Read on to learn more.

Located in Adliya near Andalus Garden, Aura Arts Centre is an institution conducting cultural events and teaching various art forms including the performing arts. They are having a summer camp for children aged four to 15 years, which will go on until August 17. There are daily sessions from Sunday to Thursday, from 8am to 12.30pm so, it’s almost like you were dropping your child off to school. That being said, if you can’t manage pick and drop, don’t worry, transportation facilities are available. Aura Arts Centre is offering a wide range of activities such as dance, yoga, swimming, public speaking, drawing and painting. Further, they have movie time and field trips. You can select only those activities that you want using the registration form on their website www.auraartscentre.com
GO: Call 6662 3399 or email info@auraartscentre.com for more information.

Established in 1982, Bahrain Ballet Centre teaches various forms of dance from ballet to traditional Bahraini folk, as well as music. They are organising a summer camp at their main studio in Budaiya until August 25. Camp timings are 10am to 12pm from Sunday to Thursday. Children from five to 12 years old can learn various forms of art such as dance, drama and singing. Cooking classes are also being offered depending on the age of the child. They have Bollywood dance every Monday and Wednesday. Field trips are also organised.
GO: Call 3371 9180 for registration and visit www.bahrainballetcentre.com for more information

Said to be the first dedicated STEAM education service provider in the Kingdom, Clever Play, located inside Andalus Garden, is conducting a summer camp for children. STEAM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics, follows a learning approach that helps children retain their curiosity thus becoming creative thinkers, risk takers, better problem solvers and collaborators from an early age. Clever Play brings this approach to its summer camp activities, which are broadly categorised as Morning Camps, Evening Workshops and Saturday Events. There are two groups: four to six years and seven to 12 years. There are weekly camp themes such as Food Truck Bash, where kids’ll be taught to build a food cart business from scratch. There are weekly workshop themes as well, such as Young Fixers, which will hone kids’ building and repairing skills through DIY projects. The camp will continue until September 1.
GO: Call 3221 8929 or email info@cleverplay.org for registration and more information.

A new kid on the block, Dazzling Stars Kingdom Of Arts is about a year old. Spurred on by the success of their Muharraq branch, they opened one earlier this year in Segaya. The summer camp is conducted in the new branch, which is located in the well-known Kanoo Shipping building. Children from ages four to 14 can enjoy a wide range of activities such as dance, yoga, swimming, movie time, field trips and more until August 18. There is a Summer Dance Camp until August 30 for both kids and adults. Dazzling Stars Kingdom Of Arts teaches various forms from Bollywood to hip-hop and contemporary.
GO: Call 3726 3038 for registration and more information.

Tucked away in Sanad, Happy Hearts Kindergarten is conducting a summer camp for children between the ages of three to six years. In addition to keeping your cub busy with fun activities including games, arts and crafts, they are also offering themebased lessons. This means, they will do recap sessions for letters, numbers, letter sounds etc. There are themes for every week such as water, space, machines and more. The camp is held five days a week from 9am to 12pm and will continue until August 25.
GO: Call 7708 2017 or email info@happyheartskg.com for registration and visit www.happyheartskg.com for more information.

Kingpins Academy in Juffair is conducting a summer camp until August 31. Kids aged four to nine years can enjoy different days such as Grooming Day, Fitness Day, Technology Day, etc. Each day entails specific activities. Grooming Day, for instance, features sessions such as Etiquette Lessons, Public Speaking, Team Building and Confidence Building. Children aged 10 to 14 years have sessions on Mind Development, Skills Development, Technical Development, etc. Again, there are a set of activities under each. For instance, Skills Development includes drawing, painting, language and time management. Teenagers aged 15 to 19 years can take classes to improve various areas such as professional, leisure and fitness skills, each with sub-categories. Leisure Skills, for instance, focuses on photography, role plays, debates and movie analysis.
GO: Call 3229 3674 or email explore@kingpinsacademy.com for registration and more information.

Fitness Centre is conducting two summer camps – morning and afternoon. Their morning sessions are at Royal Golf Club in Riffa Views. There are three categories: The Sports Camp, which is for boys and girls from six to 12 years of age. All activities are indoors and include soft football, volleyball, swimming lessons, handball, dodgeball, taekwondo, etc. The Dance-Fit Camp is for girls only, aged six to 12 years, and is facilitated by female instructors. In addition to dance – basic ballet and salsa lessons – there are a wide range of other activities such as Zumba, aerobics, swimming lessons, yoga and jewellery-making. The KG Camp is for children aged three to five years and includes football, basketball, Mini Martial Arts (specially designed for younger kids), swimming lessons, arts and crafts…The morning sessions are from 9am to 1pm on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and will continue until August 18. The afternoon camp is held at Janabiya and includes activities such as taekwondo, gymnastics, games, indoor sports and arts and crafts. It’s for children aged four to 10 years. You can book daily, weekly or for the entire month. If you go for daily, you can choose for one, two or up to six days. This camp’s timings are 4pm to 6pm and it will continue until September 1.
GO: Call 1769 2424 or WhatsApp 3300 1261 for registration and visit www.lifefit-bahrain.com for more information.

Located just off of Saar Avenue, Little Wonders Preschool is conducting a summer camp for children until August 18. Your cubs can keep themselves busy with fun activities such as music and dance, cooking, arts and crafts, fun and games and much more in a state-of-the-art venue. Spacious indoor and outdoor facilities, gardens, an art studio and a child-friendly kitchen for cooking sessions. Camp timings are 8.30am to 12pm. Generally, Little Wonders Preschool offers a bilingual environment – English and Arabic – and follows a Montessori teaching approach.
GO: Call 3644 7000 or email info@littlewondersbh.com for registration and visit www.littlewondersbh.com for more information.

A centre for babies and toddlers, miniM.E., located in Nakheel Centre in Saar, is conducting a summer camp throughout the holidays for children aged two to five years. Kids can enjoy activities such as dance, music, arts and crafts, Mininastix (simple physical activities designed for younger children, for instance, with the horizontal bar) and more. Classes are conducted from Sunday to Thursday, from 8.30am to 12.30pm. In order to register, you will need to visit the link in their bio on their Instagram profile. Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to WhatsApp where you can message them and get the registration link. You will need to book in advance. They also have Messy Play sessions with paints for babies and toddlers from six months to 36 months and parents can join their little ones.
GO: Visit @minime_bahrain on Instagram for registration and
call 3376 1361 for more information.

Located in Riffa, SAM Kindergarten is conducting a summer camp for kids between the ages of three and six years. Their activities are focused on more than just fun, almost preparing your child for the new school term. There’s reading and dictation in addition to learning and playing. Preparatory classes for Grade 1 are also being offered. All this is facilitated by professional teachers. SAM Kindergarten, a Canadian Kindergarten, was founded by an Arab woman, inspired by her experience living, studying and working in Canada.
GO: Call 1700 2293 or email samkindergartenbh@gmail.com for registration and visit www.samkindergarten-ca.online for more information.

Located on Janabiya Highway in the TeachBahrain Compound, their summer camp will run from Sunday to Thursday, for three hours a day until August 31. It’s a condensed version of their summer school offering, while still retaining fun activities such as art, carpentry, cooking and gardening. Your child can also strengthen English, maths and other core skills. TeachBahrain’s young and friendly faculty will facilitate all course sessions, including Nutritional Cooking, Fitness Bootcamp, Film & Photography, Career Management, Entrepreneurship and more. While the camp is open to children aged six plus, kids will be grouped depending on their age and mindset.
GO: Call 3729 9525 for registrations and visit www. teachbahrain.com more information.

Tiny Steps Educational Center specialises in offering educational support and guidance to children. Housed in a villa in Segaya, they understand that ‘play is an important part of being a child’. Now, that’s the right spirit! While they focus on having fun, they also ensure their activities help children learn while enjoying. Tiny Steps is organising a summer camp for kids who are three years and older and is offering a whole range of physically and mentally stimulating activities. Your little ones can attend phonics sessions, Jolly phonics to be precise, which is an international brand said to facilitate reading and writing from an early age. Other activities include cooking, drawing, kickboxing, music, language, dance and crafts. Classes are being held five days a week from 8am to 12pm and transportation facilities, if needed, will be provided. The camp will continue for the whole of August.
GO: Call 3821 4001 or email info@tinysteps.com for registration and visit www.tinystepsbh.com for more information. ✤