Secluded from the rest of the world with its captivating crystal blue waters, Jaw Resort & Spa is where you’ll find FACT’s Sara Waddah relaxing throughout the long summer days…

Nestled in the island’s Southern Governate, Jaw Resort & Spa is a luxury property that brings a unique blend of style, decoration and atmosphere, offering guests a different type of peaceful family-friendly getaway that I have yet to see anywhere else in the Kingdom.

After a long drive out of the city to the edge of the island, I finally made my way onto the resort, where you are welcomed immediately at the lobby.

With protective shields in place, my check-in process lasted no longer than five minutes, I was quickly briefed on my itinerary, given my villa keys and escorted in a buggy from the entrance of the resort right to where my villa was located. As we zoomed through the resort and made our way to Villa Seven, I got ready to check into my haven for the weekend. Spanning more than 3,000sq/ft, the luxury two-bedroom villa displayed impressively modern décor and was not only equipped with its own private pool but also a massive kitchen that included all the amenities I needed to enjoy my stay at Jaw. With even a large dining table in the centre of the living room, the villa virtually had everything I needed to live comfortably over the next few days, or even longer, making it the perfect setting for a getaway with family or a group of friends.

Walking straight into the master bedroom, to prepare myself for a splendid afternoon nap before my early dinner, I dove head-first into the king-size bed that felt as if it was made out of the world’s softest feathers. With just the right number of pillows (which is anything above four), I slowly drifted into a peaceful slumber, away from all the city noise, while admiring the view of my private pool from the window (keep reading, we get to that part eventually).

Waking up just in time to catch golden hour, I got dressed and headed down to the resort’s private beach, which was less than a minute walk from my accommodation. With a pure white-sand beach that spans over 8,000sq/m, I was immediately captivated by the shades of clear blue waters – walking right up to the shoreline, you could even get lucky and see shoals of fish swimming by ever so clearly.

With different private cabanas set up on the beach, guests can enjoy the sun and sand with multiple choices – whether it be a sunbed on the sand or even a large cabana located in the middle of the water, the beach has plenty of different options for guests to explore and enjoy at different timings of the day. For those looking for a more intimate setting, the resort also has a special private 360 Ocean Dome among the gently lapping waves where you can enjoy views of the water, a bonfire and a well-prepared meal. One for all the lovers out there.

Walking back up to the main dining area, Al Bareh Restaurant, I opted to sit outside at the restaurant’s beachside setting, which gave me panoramic ocean views as I explored the different Middle Eastern delicacies on offer. Open 24 hours (the restaurant also operates as the in-room dining service), the dishes prepared were not only aesthetically pleasing, but tasted equally as great – hats off to the chef for making the whole experience one that I definitely won’t be able to forget. Good food and ocean vibes? Count me in every single time, baby!

As the sun began to set, the evening was just ready to get underway back at the villa. Feeling nourished and ready to enjoy my private pool, in the comfort of my own home (at least for the night), I headed back. Turning on the TV to my favourite YouTube playlist and opening up the sliding balcony doors from the living room, I stepped outside to the fluorescently lit backyard and into my temperature-controlled pool – time stopped for me at this point as I floated around and enjoyed the cool waters without a single disturbance. This is what you call absolute bliss.

Boasting forty fully equipped villas, with options for one, two and three bedrooms, Jaw Resort & Spa truly proved to be a place where tranquility and peace come together beautifully – they’ve just only recently launched at the end of last year and so their spa and health club are still works in progress, but the villas and beach are ready to welcome you any day of the week for a memorable experience. ✤