Downtown Rotana’s Executive Sous Chef Froosh Nur talks of humble beginnings, impressive mentors and working with the ‘best in the business’.

What are your earliest kitchen memories?
I was exposed to the magical world of creating culinary bliss from the humble kitchen of my grandmother, from appreciation of her simple combination of ingredients, wherein she produced lip-smacking delicacies, helping her with trivial tasks so that I was the first to taste her food, gradually turning my love of good food into a profession.

Who were your inspirations and mentors?
I am lucky to have many mentors along my culinary journey, notably working in the kitchens of Iron chef Morimoto, Chef Patrick Martin, Le Cordon Bleu, and many more culinary wizards from whom I picked up skills and tricks of the trade.

How long have you been with Rotana and what makes it a good group for culinary creators?
My journey with Rotana hotels started in 2015. Now, I am the culinary head in Downtown Rotana.
Rotana prides itself on having developed some of the most talked-about, wholly-owned food and beverage (F&B) venues in the region, backed by an exclusive F&B corporate team. Together with the best in the business, we develop tailor-made dining options that offer endless culinary adventures to our guests. And the proof of our innovative recipe for success is in the awards we have received.

What is your signature dish and what makes it special?
I’ve always been in awe of clay-oven-cooked food, especially tandoor. Let it be succulent cuts of tender charred meat, tandoori vegetables, cheese or a simple naan bread. One of my ‘go to’ dishes is Murgh Tikka. ✤