Reencle changes food waste into organic gardening superfood using a high-tech composter.

The Reencle Prime food waste composter transforms the way we handle our food waste and helps convert it into useful compost that’s highly beneficial for the garden.

The composter uses ReencleMicrobe – a microorganism that reproduces itself when cultivated and fed well. It is naturebased and converts food waste into effective fertiliser. ReencleMicrobe is derived from food and is harmless to the human body and the environment.

Regardless of the type of food leftovers, the organic ReencleMicrobe is extremely halotolerant and acidophilic, and works uninterrupted when tasked with breaking down food waste even with high levels of salt or acidity.

The compost is ready to be used in a matter of hours (depending on the type of food waste) and can then be spread on top of the soil in gardens, on lawns or on indoor potted plants, releasing rich nutrients into the soil.

The device can hold a maximum of around 700g of food waste and carries out the composting process in a three-layer filtering system that is designed for odour-free composting.

The Reencle composter operates quietly, below 28 decibels and comes with a built-in motion sensor and motorised lid that opens automatically on sensing a user’s foot or wave of their hand. It is available in two colours – Iron Silver and Star White. ✤