Backbone One PlayStation Edition delivers the best gaming experience yet.

The newest and probably the best controller yet is here. Backbone has introduced the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition, a mobile controller for iPhone users with support for a 1440p HDMI video output, giving users the ability to choose additional visual settings with compatible PC monitors and TVs. The device is a must-have for gamers looking to up their game. Enjoy PlayStation exclusives like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, God of War and Horizon Forbidden West. All you need is a PS5 or PS4 console and you’re set. Backbone One also works with App Store games and other gamestreaming services, such as Genshin, Impact, Fantasian, Call of Duty: Mobile and more, that are compatible with controllers. Gamers can download the Backbone app for a tailored experience and can view several PlayStation integrations, such as custom glyphs, and the ability to look through various game titles. You can also find news on updates and new releases from PlayStation in a dedicated tab.

In terms of charging, the device is powered by your iPhone and can connect directly to a PS5 Pulse 3D headset as well. Another prized feature of the controller is ‘Gamelists’ which allows users to organise their games using folders. The Backbone One PlayStation Edition features a slick and smooth design with inspiration from PS5 console’s DualSense wireless controller, making it the perfect companion for the rest of the PS5 products. ✤