FACT got its hands on vivo’s new high-performance, colour changing V25 Pro, a smartphone with enhanced photography features that encourages artistic expression.

vivo have just unveiled their latest smartphone offering, the vivo V25 Pro, which we wasted no time in trying out – anxious to see what it has to offer and if it’s worth your consideration. We all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts and the vivo V25 Pro provides a solid performance along with high-power efficiency that supports the daily needs of the smartphone’s users. Alright, it’s time to get technical now….

The new V25 Pro is equipped with an octa-core CPU, MediaTek Dimensity 1300 with 12GB RAM and 8GB extended RAM that power its 5G capabilities.

This setup also delivers greater AI imaging capacity that allows for the capture of outstanding 4K videos along with a smooth gaming experience. We found both movie watching and game playing to be polished and uninterrupted with no lagging or reduction in resolution at any time. This performance is vastly improved thanks to the new Bionic Cooling System.

Design wise the new model is certainly pretty to look at. The slim body is just 8.62mm thick and features an elegant 3D Curved Screen with a punch hole at the top of the front camera. The lightweight and slim body ensures this device fits comfortably in the hand, purse or pocket.

Our favourite feature of the exterior design, however, is the revolutionary Colour Changing Fluorite AG Glass that enables the rear panel to display various vivid hues, at different angles, when exposed to UV light. The V25 Pro comes in a beautiful Surfing Blue and an enchanting Starlight Black. The Surfing Blue edition, for example, changes from light sky blue to a deep ocean blue, depending on the angle it’s held at in the sunlight.

Aside from the impressive exterior design and superior performance, vivo have spent a lot of time and money on the development of a truly outstanding camera configuration.

The Pro delivers an excellent imaging experience with its 64MP OIS ultra-sensing rear camera that features upgraded OIS and EIS capabilities, along with an 8MP wide-angle camera. This setup allowed us to effortlessly capture high-quality selfies and superwide landscape shots without having to change a single setting.

Selfies have honestly never looked so good to us, thanks to the V25 Pro’s auto-focus capabilities and impressive AI algorithms. The 50MP and 32MP HD front cameras contain autofocus and eye focus capabilities, respectively. This enables users to capture crystal clear images at any time of the day or night.

The front camera is also equipped with AI HD Algorithm that optimises sharpness. Additionally, the Pro’s AI Skin Retouching Algorithm provides an airbrushed look when required.

When using the camera at night, the upgraded Super Night Mode feature accurately restored all colours and brightness levels of any highly saturated images we took. This feature is coupled with the new Real-Time Extreme Night Vision feature that allows users to manually adjust the exposure intensity when previewing an image. This further improves the brightness and detailing of the photos in real-time, even in low-light environments. The result was some of the clearest and most striking night-time photographs we have ever taken using a smartphone camera.

As well as great still images, we found filming videos with the V25 Pro to be an equally rewarding and fun-filled experience. The SuperNight feature is brilliant at brightening videos shot in darker settings, as well as at noise reduction. This allowed us to capture bright and clear videos at night, as well as to tamper off intrusive noises emanating from the surrounding environment.

Further contributing toward the vivo V25 Pro’s capturing of outstanding videos, is the Natural Portrait video mode that enhances overall skin texture and clarity. Complementing this smartphone’s capabilities is the Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS+EIS) feature that ensures videos are clear and more stable. To help in capturing the very best videos possible, vivo have included a new Vlog Movie feature designed to improve the filming experience. It comes with video tutorials and templates to guide the user on how best to shoot in various scenarios, such as at night, in the city, indoors, outdoors, etc.

Another noteworthy video assistant is the upgraded Multi-Style Portrait feature in the front camera. This provides an array of fun filters that add to and enhance the video capturing experience.

Ensuring virtually continual operation, the vivo V25 Pro houses a 4830mAh large battery along with a 66W FlashCharge capability. This means the large-capacity, high-density battery cell of this smartphone can be charged from flat to 71% in as little as half an hour.

Our Verdict
We found the vivo V25 Pro to be an aesthetically pleasing, innovative, technologically advanced smartphone – one that is packed with practical and functional features and is a lot of fun to use. ✤