18th September, signifying the World Clean-up Day, Seeb Marine and Water Garden City implemented a Beach clean-up in Manama. This day marks the International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD) – one of the world’s largest annual preservation and protection events and volunteer efforts for the ocean, waves and beaches.

“Where ever you go, you will find sea, you will have a beach. Where ever you reside, 15 minutes is what it would take to take you to have a sea breeze and feet on the waves. The country with many small islands and marine history has its roots strongly connected to the Sea and ocean. Talking about Marine industry, entertainment by the sea, sea food, island hopping, boating, diving, water sports, beach activities, etc Bahrain never failed to surprise its residents with its connectivity with sea. Bahrain has given us so much. Thus, it is our key responsibility to keep the beaches, the coastal areas clean and tidy.” Says Feras Nooruddin, the Managing Director of Seeb Marine, the main organizer & Sponsor of the event.

Many organizations like Coca cola Bahrain, AL Bilad Real Estate Investment, Food Vest Holding (Caribou, Fuddruckers), Blue Ocean Marine services, Grand Mercure Hotel, The Game Dragon Boat team, Boat Ride Centre, Yeddedah Restaurant have joined hands with Seeb marine in this environmentally friendly endeavour.

Foodvest Holding, Owner of Fuddruckers and Caribou Coffee voluntarily stepped up to participate in the International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD) organised by Seeb Marine and Water Garden City, to preserve marine reserves and beaches surrounding areas of the Kingdom. The initiative included more than 30 of their staff along with their marketing lead and district managers, headed by CEO Mateo Ramos.

After the cleaning campaign, all participants were given beach access at the City Beach at the water garden city to wrap up the event with a fun filled beach day.


“Let’s protect our sea. Let’s not pollute it and keep it clean.  Our waters are particularly vulnerable to plastic waste. Historically, its waters have been known for their richness, hosting more than 200 varieties of fish. Fishing, more specifically pearl fishing, was for centuries the main means of livelihood for the people of Bahrain. With all its impact due to pollution we have several fish species, mammal species and bird species threatened. If we do not change our ways, we will end up having 18 billion metric tons of plastic wastes stuffed in the earth’s landfill by 2025” added Kavinda Hettiarachchi, from the City Beach Management.

Thus, supporting the State’s vision and respecting our very dear mother nature, as much as we enjoy our beaches, let’s try to keep it clean and tidy and protect it for the next generations!