Bahrain Rugby Football Club’s first team clinched the West Asia Premiership title 2023 in a nail-biting match against the Dubai Tigers.

This is no mere victory for Bahrain who took the title for a third time when they beat their Dubai rivals. The finals took place at the Bahrain ground in Saar in front of an enthusiastic crowd. The home team saw things to the very end, clinching a 23-17 victory despite their worthy opponents putting up a good fight especially in the second half of the match.

The venue transformed into a hub of happiness, with supporters including young fans cheering, reaching out to their favourite players, hugging them, asking for autographs and clicking photos together to capture the historic moment. The BRFC Chairman, Mike Cunningham said the match had showcased the very best of the game in the region, and that despite it being a rollercoaster ride, they always had faith in the team. It was a proud moment for all to see the supporters and their unending backing of the ‘boys’ playing for Bahrain.

The home side exhibited sportsmanship as they congratulated their opponents and shared hugs. Bahrain Captain Jordan Viggers lifted the trophy and the team collected their medals amid a shower of cheers and confetti. What made the victory even greater was that Dubai Tigers are a strong team. In fact, Bahrain lost to them in their last game of the regular season. The finals marked the fourth time they were pitted against them, and a high intensity game from the start saw them through. ✤