The thing about dining from Healthy Calorie is that it’s not just about opting for a cleaner food option, but also about choosing a nutritious meal that your body will thank you for.

With the opening of the newest branch in Busaiteen, conveniently right opposite RCSI, Healthy Calorie furthers its mission to provide healthier and cleaner food to the population, with ease.

Evidentially a leader in the fast-casual dining scene for wholesome food, Healthy Calorie has always been one of our favourite clean food options – but it’s really more than just that. Providing high-quality, well-sourced ingredients and vegetables from all around the world, this fast-food spot has stood by its vision since its opening by providing customers with a cleaner meal option – with the right nutrients and proteins in their yummiest form!

Take it from us – we know that giving in to our cravings is something that we can’t get rid of, so we’re here on a journey to ensure those choices aren’t ones we come to regret. With poor nutrition potentially a direct contributor to stress, tiredness and our capacity to work (let alone illnesses and other health problems), we’re constantly working to swap out these poor habits for better ones. And it’s easier than you think!

Whether you’re craving a juicy burger – the chicken-spinach mix is freshly made and put together in whole grain bread – or in the mood to use some chopsticks – Asian-styled noodles, cooked with olive oil, topped with either chicken or beef and fresh veggies, making you feel like you’re somewhere in Little China – Healthy Calorie’s well-balanced meals are a direct show of the dedicated chefs and team, who continue to offer great food that allows us to cave in to our cravings, with a clear conscience.

Constantly changing it up and adding new items to the menu – stay on the lookout for some sweet surprises soon – Healthy Calorie also has an exclusive menu of Keto Platters and High Protein dishes, putting together the right ingredients as well as being considerate enough to always include a calorie count. Smart eating is the right way to go!

Did you know that Healthy Calorie, which opened in 2010, was actually the first to introduce the concept of a calorie count for the dishes in Bahrain? Alongside ALWAYS mentioning the number of carbs, protein and fat that you’ll be consuming from one of their dishes, this is just another show of the establishment’s dedication to putting their customers’ health first.

With only four months of the year left, we’d like to remind you that it’s never too late to make a different choice. Tweaking your mindset and making the right choices for your body only takes a single moment, and when you come to realise what you’ve been able to do, you’ll be beyond thankful to yourself for turning it all around. Remember, you are what you eat. ✤