Zainab Al Ismail – Marketing Manager Zayani Motors

How did you get involved in marketing, is it something you always wanted to do?

I never had any intention of going into marketing, it just sort of happened to me. I believe not everyone in this field imagined they’d end up here, especially when you’ve graduated from a different major. Sure, a lot of people started with a marketing major in college, but many have taken different and interesting paths to end up in this career. I graduated from Art College – Public Relations & Advertising. I never thought that I would go into marketing until I had my first interview, which was not for a marketing position, not even close to it! Looking back at those days, yes, I never had any intention to take up marketing. All I wanted was to do something creative, learn new things, and to be ‘different’. And that’s definitely marketing!

What are the best and worst things about your job?

The best thing, among thousands, is the learning part; it doesn’t matter how much you learn there’s always a new challenge/opportunity waiting to be solved/discovered. Also, you never feel bored because you don’t repeat yourself by doing the same tasks everyday… it’s fun. The worst part is that not everyone understands the value of marketing and the longterm strategy. If I were to describe marketing with all the best and worst aspects in two words, it’s sweet and sour – you can’t enjoy the sweetness without tasting the sourness.

What is your must do during Ramadan in Bahrain.

Ramadan. You can feel it from the warm family gatherings. You can smell it from the special dishes you have during this Holy Month. You can see it from the colourful outdoor lights. You can live it in the late and fun nights with your friends. This is how I feel, smell, see and live it, but what I love the most during Ramadan is the family gatherings. Since I was young, we have a special tradition in the family where the whole family (with my uncles’ families) gather to have Iftar together and play challenging games.