What’s on the smartphone agenda for March?


Remember the walkie-talkie? Buz is a simple, yet powerful audio-based messaging app designed for direct and essential communication.
It allows you to effortlessly connect with family and friends. The app’s advantage lies in the fact that users don’t need to unlock their phones to hear voice messages because it works easily on any system.
You can quickly send live Push to Talk messages anywhere to people and groups, even when you’re on the lock screen or in another app. The Buz app is small in size, so quick to download, and designed to optimise battery life, while also saving data over usage.
You can rest assured that no messages will be missed or misheard, as Buz provides a convenient chat history feature, allowing you to listen back to voice messages at any time.
Buz looks to ultimately create a simple communication tool that is capable of covering all devices in the future.


Regardless of any unfortunate event with your phone, you can now rest assured of never losing access to your notes, thanks to Notesnook.
An open-source private notes app and organiser that’s fully cross-platform, Notesnook can be easily downloaded on all your devices. The app seamlessly syncs notes between users’ computers, tablets and mobile devices.
It uses military grade encryption algorithms that are stronger, more future-proof and safer than many other apps out there. Users can additionally double-encrypt their notes with vault. Locked notes require a password to access and are encrypted at other times, making it a reliable private diary. You can also create to-do lists to get things done. Keep track of your daily progress and accomplish everyday tasks.
Furthermore, the app works even without an internet connection. Users can add, edit and organise notes offline and sync them in notepad when they have internet access.