Island Insider

Batool Redha
Marketing Manager of Conrad Bahrain Financial Harbour and SUSHISAMBA

From Harrods in London to Conrad in Manama. How has the transition been from retail to hospitality?
Retail and hospitality share many skills, such as customer service, teamwork and multitasking. However, hospitality does have its unique needs. To navigate this transition, I took stock of my existing skills and identified what I needed to learn. I also considered what area of hospitality most appealed to me – marketing has always been a passion and I asked myself would I thrive working with food and beverage, entertainment or recreation? I set a specific marketing goal for myself during this shift and weighed in on whether I wanted to join a large hotel chain or a boutique property, all the while developing my expertise in marketing. Looking back, I can confidently say the transition has been surprisingly smooth.

You’re the marketing manager for both the hotel and SUSHISAMBA. What’s the most challenging part of managing two brands?
Juggling two brands is like walking a tightrope. You need to make sure your messaging is distinct enough that customers don’t get confused. It’s all about resource allocation to ensure each brand thrives in its own lane.

What do your weekends or days off in Bahrain look like?
Trading saddles for serenity – pregnancy has definitely shifted my weekends from high octane to zen mode. These days I’m all about indulging in some serious me-time. Whether it’s browsing shops at a leisurely pace, treating myself to a spa day or simply basking in the quiet joy of my own company; it’s pure bliss. Gone are the days of being glued to the stables – hello relaxation revolution!