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She’s Not Sorry
By Mary Kubica

The latest offering from the New York Times bestselling writer of Local Woman Missing introduces us to ICU nurse Meghan Michaels, who breaks her own rule of detachment from her patients in the case of a young woman with a traumatic brain injury, who seems to have jumped from a bridge.
But, when a witness comes forward to offer shocking details suggesting she may have been pushed, Meghan becomes deeply involved with the victim and her family, putting herself and her daughter at risk in the process.


A History Of The World In Twelve Shipwrecks
By David Gibbins

From a treasure-filled Bronze Age ship built during the age of Queen Nefertiti, a Viking warship made for King Cnut himself and Henry VIII’s spectacular Mary Rose to the tragic story of HMS Terror and tales of bravery and endurance aboard HMS Gairsoppa in World War Two, renowned marine archaeologist David Gibbins brings us stories of some of the greatest underwater discoveries of all time.
Not just tales of the ships and the people who sailed on them, this is also the story of the spread of people, religion and ideas around the world, a story of colonialism and migration which continues today.