Explore a world of creativity and empathy as artists Ghada Khunji and Iskander Dawani showcase their thought-provoking works at Al Riwaq Art Space, this month.

Inspiring works by renowned Bahraini artists Ghada Khunji and Iskander Dawani are being featured at the ongoing exhibition, Representation and the Significance of Imagination. Hosted at Al Riwaq Art Space in Gufool, the exhibit runs until January 20 and explores the concept of imagination, which plays a crucial role in human cognition and creativity.

Imagination is the ability to craft mental images, ideas and concepts beyond our immediate sensory environment, allowing us to transcend the constraints of reality. Get ready to be transported into illusive worlds as both artists’ reconstructed studios and displayed works offer a deeper understanding of art’s vital role in fostering empathy. By prompting us to imagine different perspectives and emotions, art can bring us together and promote connection among individuals.

The artists allow us to enter fictional worlds, with characters and narratives that raise questions, inspire reflection and convey deeper meanings. Imagination enables us to explore complex themes, challenge societal norms and broaden our understanding of the world.

Ghada Khunji, a Parsons School of Design graduate, is renowned for her photography. Her images are known for depicting landscapes and people from across the world, capturing the essence of humanity. Her most recent work focuses on exploring the intricate emotions and identity of women. Her pieces have been exhibited in the US and the Middle East and she has received numerous awards, including the Lucie Discovery of the Year (2006), American Photo Magazine’s Image of the Year Award (2007) and the Golden Lights Award for Travel (2006).

Iskander Dawani is a versatile artist who explores various artistic forms, from painting to illustration, abstraction and poetry. His contemporary portraits resonate with vivid realism and profound emotional depth, while his fusion of text and imagery challenges conventional boundaries between language and visual representation. Iskander’s ethereal cartoons transport audiences into enchanting realms, where imagination converges with perception.

The exhibition is open to all from 10am to 8pm.✤