Listen Closely!

Shure’s latest wireless clip-on microphones capture superior audio for those on the go.

For people that shoot and create organic content that’s not limited to a studio setup, Audio technology developer, Shure, has introduced the new MoveMic Microphone System. It includes two wireless clip-on microphones (lavalier) – the single-channel MoveMic One and the dual-channel MoveMic Two.

Developed with a custom acoustic design and proprietary wireless software to ensure professional audio quality while on the go, the MoveMic One and Two are the smallest, best-sounding, dual-channel direct-to-phone wireless lavalier solution available in market.

Ideal for content creators, videographers and mobile journalists, these latest devices have been designed to deliver reliable, true broadcast-quality audio in an ultra-lightweight design.

The microphones were intentionally designed to be almost invisible, each weighing just 8.2g and measuring 46mm x 22mm, which translates to discreet usage with only a fraction of the microphone visible in the shot.

The MoveMic also boasts an IPX4 rating, which makes it capable of withstanding spills, splashes and other demands of recording outdoors.

Each microphone has up to eight hours of battery life and two additional eight-hour charges from the charging case. Plus, the USB-C connectivity makes the device easily chargeable.

Those seeking universal compatibility can also pick up the optional standalone MoveMic Receiver and bundled MoveMic Two Receiver Kit. They provide seamless integration with various devices like cameras, computers and other thirdparty smartphone apps. ✤