Peter Ezzat
Assistant Director of Sales, The Domain Hotel and Spa

The Domain Hotel and Spa has recently changed direction and positioned itself as an adults-only luxurious boutique hotel. How has the response been from customers?
The strategic decision to transform The Domain into an exclusive adults-only boutique hotel (for guests aged 16 years and above) has been met with an exceptionally favourable customer response, with many expressing their appreciation for the refined ambience and tailored experiences. The allure of an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere has resonated with couples and solo travellers seeking a tranquil escape from everyday life. The absence of children has contributed to a heightened sense of relaxation and peace throughout the property, elevating the overall guest experience.

With the island’s burgeoning hospitality landscape, the competition in the sector is growing stronger by the day. How do you plan to rise to this challenge?
The Domain embraces the competition as a catalyst for growth and innovation. Our strategic approach revolves around delivering exceptional customer experiences, investing in state-of-the-art facilities, forging strong partnerships, implementing targeted marketing plans and nurturing the development of our talented team. At the core of our strategy is a relentless commitment to providing personalised service that goes above and beyond our guests’ expectations. We understand that it is the little details and thoughtful gestures that create lasting impressions.

You’ve been in Bahrain for several years now. What do you enjoy most about living here?
Living here has been a truly enriching experience. What I enjoy the most about Bahrain is its unique blend of modernity and rich cultural heritage – the warm and welcoming nature of the people, the diverse culinary scene and the multitude of cultural events and festivals. It also offers easy access to explore neighbouring countries, providing endless opportunities for relaxation and leisure. Overall, Bahrain’s charm lies in its ability to offer a balanced lifestyle, making it a truly remarkable place to call home.